App of the Week: American Eagle

By Amanda Toth
November 16, 2011

American Eagle has just come out with a new app that allows shoppers to access their accounts to receive rewards and special offers based on their spending. With this app, you can shop whenever you wish from your iPhone or iPod.

If you are in an American Eagle store or Aerie store, you can use this app to scan items to keep track of purchases and what the totals will be with the discounts offered through the app, as well as in stores.

This app also offers a store locator and you can directly contact the store though the app. You will receive updates and text messages for special discounts that they offer at random times throughout the year.

While shopping, you can scan items and add them to a wishlist or share them with friends through text, email or Facebook.

Shop for friends or yourself with the “AE Holiday Gift Guide.” This awesome feature offers a “shake up and style mixer.” It creates different looks for you if you don’t know what you are looking for.  New trends are sent to the phone as they hit stores.

There is a “trend of the week” and “looks to live in” section, which updates the weekly trends so that you are always up to date on what is new. Customer reviews rave that this is a great and easy to use app.  Since it offers great discounts to shoppers, it  is widely praised for  being a huge money saver.  The app is free.

For frequent shoppers, this is a great app to download because it saves shoppers a ton of money every time they shop. No matter when you are shopping with this app, there will be a discount, if not many discounts, that can be used.

This app does send alerts but not so many that it becomes irritating. There is also the option to turn off alerts so you won’t receive them. You can simply go to the app when you are shopping and get the discounts that way.  Overall, this is a great app for anyone who loves to shop and especially loves American Eagle.

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Amanda Toth

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