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Spirit week recognizes Cabrini tradition

In celebration of Spirit Week, the Cabrini College community gets ready to participate in events and traditions.  This year the celebration and honorary week… Read More

Students to rally for peace in Sudan

Today, Nov.  4, students are gathering to stand and speak on behalf of the Sudanese people.  At 4:30 p.m. in the Grace Hall Atrium,… Read More

Student insurance: more pain than help

Today we learn of health care issues that personally affect homes around the world every single day. In the classroom, topics often focus on developing countries and the hardships of sustaining just resources.

Eyewitness report from Haiti: Hope for nation after quake

Johanna Berrigan, co-founder of medical clinics in both the Kensington section of Philadelphia and in Haiti, explained the dire need of Haitians both before the January earthquake and even more so now.

Bishop speaks on behalf of global issues to students

A Catholic bishop, renowned for a lifetime of work for peace and justice, praised Cabrini’s unique Justice Matters curriculum during a recent visit to… Read More

Coffee farmer shares Fair Trade experiences

Fair Trade, one of the most popular justice movements hitting our society, came to life for students when they met a Fair Trade farmer in their class recently.

Veteran advocates for international aid

33 year veteran, Tom Collins, shares his experiences of working in the military in developing countries.

After 5 years, Katrina victims still fighting

A few days ago marked the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  On that day, millions were washed away of a future in a matter… Read More

Tourism helps impoverished countries

Vacationing in the impoverished countries provide jobs for the natives.

Lohan returns to rehab

It certainly would not be a week in entertainment news without “Lindsanity”, as celebrity gossiper, Perez Hilton calls her

Coffee fix, movie tix; rediscover the Main Line

Cabrini College sits comfortably along a stretch of King of Prussia Rd., nestled among the the trees that line its winding driveway. It may seem as though the college is a secluded one, but there is a town full of entertainment and satisfying eats only minutes away from Cabrini's scenic campus.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ receives mixed reviews

Many waited for the premier with hesitation and excitement, only to be left with disappointments and semi-satisfying experiences.

Spring 2010 fashion must-haves

With two blizzards out of the way, it is time to say goodbye to the snow and cold, and say hello to spring. Fashion… Read More

Spring Formal Fashion: Get the look for less

With the Grammys not far out of sight, and spring formals around the corner, it is the perfect time to look for those “it”… Read More

WYBF streams for 24-hour broadcast for relief in Haiti

To aid relief efforts and increase donations from the Cabrini college radio station stepped up its contributions and held a successful event that raised over $2,100 dollars. The radio station, 89.1 WYBF FM The Burn, under the direction of Heather Shanley-Fullerton, put together a 24-hour broadcast event and dance to help the people of Haiti.

The Burn raises money to help relief in Haiti

To aid relief efforts and increase donations from the college, the college radio station stepped up its contributions and held a successful event that raised over $2,000 dollars.

Texting for Haiti: It makes ‘cents’

How many times a day do Americans use their cell phones? Too many and too much would be the answer. But within a week, texting has not only become the "it" thing to do, but the absolute answer to success and donation. We have welcomed the year 2010 with hope and change, establishing quick and sufficient ways to donate to relief efforts for Haiti.

Corps’ volunteer missioners inform students about their jobs

Cabrini Mission Corps also held an information table in Jazzman's Café, where three of the most knowledgeable and experienced representatives shared their information and passion. Michelle Sherman, Mary Meleski and Crystal Catolon all work in the New York City area at different locations affiliated with Cabrini and work alongside Scarpello and the Cabrini Mission Corps as volunteer missioners.

Cabrini Mission Corps provides post-grad service opportunities

The Cabrini Mission Corps provides opportunities to do service work after graduation to those who are interested in social justice issues both in the United States and internationally. On Friday, Nov. 6, Cabrini Mission Corps, led by director Gina Scarpello, held an all-day workshop to advise current students to "healthfully enter where God is calling them.

‘Andrea’s Voice’ raises awareness for bulimia nervosa

Cabrini's Body Image Coalition has extended its services by providing guest speakers to the college community. The purpose of the speakers is to help students come to peace with one's body and form an overall acceptance. On Nov. 3 "Andrea's Voice" was presented on behalf of those involved in this organization.
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