Texting for Haiti: It makes ‘cents’

By Michelle Costa
January 28, 2010

How many times a day do Americans use their cell phones? Too many and too much would be the answer. But within a week, texting has not only become the “it” thing to do, but the absolute answer to success and donation.

We have welcomed the year 2010 with hope and change, establishing quick and sufficient ways to donate to relief efforts for Haiti.

America is currently surrounded by a growing world of social networking, turning everyday text messaging into saving lives and supporting those who were harmed by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit on January 12th.

I find this way of philanthropy astonishing and simply an evolution of technology and contribution. Why wasn’t this idea put into action sooner? So much could have been done to help those suffered by Katrina or the tsunami in Thailand.

Texting has always been around, but it took a catastrophe in the most poverty-stricken third world country to revamp the meaning of immediate communication.

Having this capability attracts those of a harder demographic to reach and encourage involvement. Teenagers are predominantly the examples of weak and bleak attempts in trying to stay connected with global issues. Now there should be no excuse for not extending efforts to help.

With texting, it has only seemed natural that everyone is jumping on the idea of making donations with a few quick touches. The numbers certainly do not lie about how beneficial this advancement has become.

The opportunity to help such a tragedy lies at the fingertips of the American people. I believe that this can be the first of many changes that we as citizens can do to better the countries that are in need of help.

Without immediate contribution nothing can be done to better the lives of the unfortunate. Philanthropy has certainly created a new name for itself, and will forever remain as a developing achievement in the communication social networking world.

Within a few short days, the Red Cross association was able to send a total of seven million dollars, which is extraordinarily increasing as each hour and day goes by. Through this form of donation, people feel a large sense of trust, specifically knowing their money is being placed and given exactly where they intend to help.

Donating is the single resolution in voiding all desperation. I feel so grateful that I have the privilege of being a student during this time, and have the proper accommodations of getting fellow peers to quickly donate to something that is so vital and important to the service of justice of the world.

This experience will hopefully encourage those to continue to do good, now enhancing the simplicity and assurance that is involved when texting donations. Haiti just like any other country or state affected by natural disaster deserves a chance to rebuild a future. A future that we can help with each cent that is sent.

I think we should all take a second out of our day and stop catching up on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” via texting, and instead, spread the possibility of hope. It is never too late to help. Step up now, and help the development of philanthropy as efforts rebuild Haiti.

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Michelle Costa

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