Students to rally for peace in Sudan

By Michelle Costa
November 1, 2010

Today, Nov.  4, students are gathering to stand and speak on behalf of the Sudanese people.  At 4:30 p.m. in the Grace Hall Atrium, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Student Ambassadors, part of the Sudan advocacy campaign, are presenting keynote speaker Maureen McCullough.

“This is a unique opportunity for students to hear a first hand account of the situation in the Sudan.  We are hearing from the media what is going on in the country from a third party source, this will better resonate with students to advocate for peace,” Eric Gibble, president of CRS Ambassadors at Cabrini College, said.

As CRS-Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, McCullough will share her experience from her recent visit to Sudan in September.  The country of Sudan is currently facing an election that will determine the future, and the referendum of peace.

On Jan. 9 the citizens of the Sudan will be voting.  The southern part of the country, which holds large amounts of oil, longs to become a private nation, essentially declaring independence from the north, which holds governmental power and riches.

CRS Ambassadors hope to bring the college community together in the fight to create awareness and compassion to stop the potential violence that could occur after the January referendum.

Classes are encouraged to come and share this experience, enhancing the will to speak for those who are “voiceless.”

Other colleges are invited to attend and to share ideas about future planning, in the quest to promote peace.

The event is planned to be an hour long, and offer a very conversational and casual approach.  A teacher and student panel will also be incorporated to extend opinions and open hearts to this crisis.

“With this rally, we’ll be able to show students that they really can bring change,” Gibble said.

Be sure to look out for laptops that will be set up during the presentation, to send letters of concern to President Obama.

The people of Sudan need the youth of our generation to become involved and spread the word of peace.  Cabrini is focused to share McCullough’s personal experience and hope to empower students to get active.  Give an hour of your day to advocate for those in need.

Michelle Costa

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