Lohan returns to rehab

By Michelle Costa
August 17, 2010

It certainly would not be a week in entertainment news without “Lindsanity”, as celebrity gossiper, Perez Hilton calls her.  With perfect bleached- blonde hair, extra plumped lips and smudged eyeliner, 24-year-old Lindsay Lohan reported to court on July 6, in good old dysfunctional Los Angeles, Calif.

Loud whimpering and thick tears filled the courtroom as Superior Court Judge, Marsha Revel, sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail.  Missed alcohol counseling and violation of probation has finally left Lohan to report to the “big house.”  Along with her jail time, lost Lohan also has to report to a 90-day drug and alcohol rehab program.

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Beverly Hills Courthouse to begin her sentence for a probation violation. --MCT

On May 24, Lohan was given an electronic bracelet to measure and detect alcohol level.  Coincidently, and to no one’s surprise, a content level of 0.03 percent was recorded after a wild night on June 7.  This account was recognized as a bond violation, not directly effecting Lohan’s probation record.

The director of the counseling program also testified at the hearing, explaining that Lohan would often call ahead when she planned on missing a session.  Prosecutors made it clear that they certainly have had enough with the constant creative excuses and want a stronger plan of action put into place.

This whole mess of allegations first started when Lohan got caught under the influence of drugs and alcohol in a motor vehicle back in 2007.

Since then, it has been continuous drama throughout the Lohan family. Blame is being aimed at her father, Michael Lohan. There is so much negative publicity surrounding Mr. Lohan that it almost obvious why Lohan is sinking.

In recent reports, the new song that Lohan was in process of creating has been leaked onto the Internet.  The song touches on serious levels of her life and how she is watching herself die.  Well isn’t this song five years too late?

Like everything else, the diva has swiftly avoided her instructed sentence in both prison and rehab.  With a short 15 days locked up, and barely a dent in psychological evaluations, press has disclosed the possibilities of the starlet to be released from rehab.  Doctors supposedly believe that Lohan’s addiction and mental stability are not nearly as severe as expected.

Lohan’s mother, Diana Lohan, is grateful for her supportive fans and wants to continue to build a connection with the public to help her pull through.

University of California Los Angeles Medial Center has also reported Lohan to befriending other patients in the program, acting as a mediator to the younger girls.

Allowing Lohan to be discharged from treatment is unlikely to benefit her mental stability in order to turn herself around.

Lohan has allegedly been receiving special treatment because of her celebrity status. It has been rumored that medical professionals have given her special attention in their treatment center.

As of Aug. 20, Lohan was conclusively diagnosed with a personality disorder.

Each day, treatment officials have weened Lohan off of her recreational drugs that seem to be the cause of her downward spiral.

What would have saved this movie star’s life that once stole the hearts of millions of fans?

So, with a bold attitude and tie-died nails with the maturely imprinted words “F*ck you” painted on, Lohan will continue to sit pretty in a cell and mental hospital until her future is determined by the district attorney and medical officials.

Michelle Costa

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