Corps’ volunteer missioners inform students about their jobs

By Michelle Costa
November 12, 2009

Cabrini Mission Corps also held an information table in Jazzman’s Café, where three of the most knowledgeable and experienced representatives shared their information and passion.

Michelle Sherman, Mary Meleski and Crystal Catolon all work in the New York City area at different locations affiliated with Cabrini and work alongside Scarpello and the Cabrini Mission Corps as volunteer missioners.

Sherman of Saint Louis, Mo., Meleski from Milwaukee, Wi. and Catolon from Los Angeles, Ca. all knew after leaving college that they longed to get involved in the Cabrini Mission and have made their dreams into a career that they are proud to tend to each and every day.

Catolon and Sherman both teach at the Mother Cabrini high school in the Bronx, N.Y. Catolon teaches health and serves as the campus minister while Sherman is a teacher of religion and theology.

Meleski works at Immigrations Services in New York, where she is a social worker, and focuses on domestic abuse cases. Meleski also spends her time at Cabrini’s Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

“I strongly believe that becoming involved in service programs are in high demand when coming from a Catholic affiliated school, but because of our current economic standards I can see why this is becoming such a competitive field for after graduation,” Catolon said.

All three women had prior service work. Sherman spent her time in Rome, Italy offering her efforts at a hospice center for women with HIV/AIDS under the supervision of Mother Teresa’s Order.

Meleski spent volunteer time in Haiti with her parish. Shortly after she continued her studies in both Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

Catolon visited the Philippians where she spent time working with abused children in orphanages and recovering prostitutes.

“Everyone is passionate about one thing in our society and it is time they get involved,” Sherman said.

To learn more information on how to become involved in volunteer work please visit, or

“Everyone has a passion, it is just a matter of students finding it and using it to better our society,” Meleski said.

Michelle Costa

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