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Confined to wheelchair since 16, teen still determined

Local teenager Melissa Nunn's life was changed when she sustained a broken neck leaving her confined to a wheelchair.

Cell phones continue to distract drivers

Distracted driving is becoming a big problem in this country and contributing to many injuries and deaths

Movie Review: “Life as we Know It”

The much-anticipated movie, “Life as We Know It,” premiered in theaters on Friday, Oct. 8. With the perfect combination of comedy and emotional drama,… Read More

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SIFE aids student for business world

In order to connect with business leaders while helping out in the community, the Cabrini business department started Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), an… Read More

New health website launched

Cabrini's new health services website offers resources for both parents and students.

Women’s soccer looks forward to freshman class, CSAC championship

Coming into the 2010 season, the Cabrini women’s soccer team is looking to defend their reign as the CSAC champions. Having lost some key… Read More

Mixing caffeine, alcohol poses risk

A new college trend, which combines the consumption of alcohol with high amounts of caffiene, poses health risks for many.

Best is yet to come for Obama’s presidency

If you have been anywhere besides under a rock in the past couple of weeks, then you know that President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama's winning sparked an outcry from people all around the world, both in support and opposition. I feel that Obama will certainly be deserving of the prize eventually, but his being awarded this year is a bit premature.

Cabrini students affected by struggling economy

The first anniversary of the recession has just passed. This, however, does not mean that people are still not struggling with money and financial problems. For Cabrini students and one sophomore chemistry major in particular, Danielle Gordon, the day-to-day stress of worrying about money and family problems certainly takes its toll.

The Paddock offers upscale dining at moderate prices

Offering Main Line dining at reasonable prices, The Paddock at Devon, located on Lancaster Avenue, is a great place for friends to meet and enjoy excellent food without having to pay for an expensive bill. Entering the restaurant on a Thursday night at 5:30 p.

Internships essential before graduation

In order to be successful in securing a job after graduation, it is important that students have an internship. At Cabrini, there are resources that make it simple for students to secure internships that will ultimately bolster their resumes and make them more attractive to future employers.

CTL hosts welcome back celebration

Students enjoy arts and crafts activities provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning during their Welcome Back Celebration.

Stop splurging, start saving on textbooks

With the current state of the economy being as poor as it is, it's becoming increasingly difficult for people of all ages to keep their heads above the water. For college students, having to buy textbooks on top of paying tuition does not make the situation any easier.

Celebrity Antics

It is a well-known fact that celebrities these days are not the most well behaved people around. Take for example Britney Spears, someone who is no stranger to odd behavior. A recent article published by Heckler Spray explains how Spears' father will control all of her possessions until the end of time.

Celebrities influence students

In today's society, it is no secret that celebrities and people in power influence the public. Whether it is a positive influence or a negative influence, celebrities hold a certain authority over people. Recently, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin started a new trend not in the realm of politics but in the fashion industry.


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