New health website launched

By Meghan McSloy
September 12, 2010

To ease concerns about health and well-being while in school, Cabrini’s health services office updated their Web site in conjunction with the remodeling of the college’s Web site.

The new section of the Web site, which is accessible under the student life section of the main page, offers resources for both parents and students.

Susan Fitzgerald, Cabrini  College nurse, likes the new site because the information is easily accessed and is also linked to other parts of the college’s Web site, making it a one-stop shop for health inquiries.

“It is easier to access the information, it answers more questions for students and parents, and resources in the community are outlined clearly,” Fitzgerald said.

The Web site has a Powerpoint that contains important information about student health, doctors offices in the area and local hospitals as well.

“It’s great for students. It tells them what to do in certain situations, such as access to records,” Fitzgerald said.

According to Fitzgerald, there is information on the Web site that is intended for parents and their questions concerning their child’s health. Upon accessing the Web site, parents are able to read about whatever questions they may have.

“It shows parents what kind of services that their child can receive on campus,” Fitzgerald said.

Meghan McSloy

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