Movie Review: “Life as we Know It”

By Meghan McSloy
October 11, 2010

The much-anticipated movie, “Life as We Know It,” premiered in theaters on Friday, Oct. 8. With the perfect combination of comedy and emotional drama, the movie draws viewers in, making them feel as if they have a personal connection to the characters. The film stars Katherine Heigl, who plays regimented bakery\ owner Holly Berenson and Josh Duhamel, known as “Messer” throughout the movie, who is an up-and-coming sports director and ladies man. The two, who have absolutely nothing in common besides their best friends, are constantly bumping heads after being set up on a blind date, which ended in the pair vowing to never see each other again. 

Despite their dislike for one another, the two are forced to constantly spend time together because of their best friends, Peter and Alison Novak. Peter and Messer are inseparable just as Alison and Holly are. The only thing that Holly and Messer have in common is their love for the Novak’s one-year old daughter, Sophie. Both play a very instrumental role in the life of Sophie and are present for every monumental event in the little girl’s life. The up-beat tone of the movie changes briefly when the Novak’s are killed tragically in a car accident. Overcome with grief, Holly and Messer face a shocking reality when they are informed that their friends have left dual guardianship to the both of them, forcing them to work out their own issues and come together to raise Sophie. The remainder of the movie deals with the pair trying to work out their personal differences while being attentive parents at the same time. Although the two struggle at first with their own personality conflicts, it is both funny and inspirational to see them come together to better the life of Sophie, who although young, is still grieving the loss of both of her parents. The more time Holly and Messer spend together, the more their relationships develops. Just when things seem to be going good with the two of them, Messer is forced to make a life-changing decision that puts a strain on the entire family. The timing is bad because Holly is beginning to fall in love with Messer. “Life as we Know It” provides viewers with the perfect combination of comedy and heart-warming scenes along with a few tearjerkers as well. While Heigl plays her typical “can’t get a man” character, she and Duhamel make for a dynamic duo in the movie. Sophie, who is actually played by three triplet sisters, plays a very difficult role brilliantly.

It is clear that the three little girls who play Sophie have a good connection to the adult actors. Although the majority of the movie is predictable from the previews, it is still a good-quality romantic comedy that is sure to be well liked by all viewing audiences.

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Meghan McSloy

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