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You can’t put a price on love: What kinds of items do couples buy each other during the holidays?

When people think of the holidays they think about spending time with family, drinking hot chocolate and buying gifts for their loved ones. Commercials… Read More

School, homework, activities, sleep, repeat: College stress takes toll on students

Every year halfway through the fall semester students seem to go through a mid-semester crisis. Midterms are around the corner, classes become too much… Read More

Cabrini’s favorite top 10 fall TV shows

Here are the Top 10 Favorite Fall TV shows that the Cabrini community enjoys watching. Law and Order SVU is a crime drama series first… Read More

Cabrini University thinks pink for breast cancer awareness month

  Cabrini University spreads breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of people all across… Read More

Do you know if your food is safe?

When trusting others with your food, how do you know for sure what you are eating is safe? Millions of Americans consume contaminated food… Read More

Woodcrest unveils new renovations as new students move in

  Woodcrest Hall went under renovations last spring in wake of a flood in the building. The project was completed in time to welcome… Read More

To vote or not to vote?

Everyone has a voice that they want to be heard. Whether is it about who they believe should be voted off the Bachelorette or… Read More

Cabrini athletes: eat right, play right

Energy is a very important for athletes to have. Energy comes from the food we eat and keeps us going throughout the day. It… Read More

20% talent, 80% heart: A look into the life of softball home-run leader

Many parents start their children in sports programs so their children can make friends and learn how to be a part of the team.… Read More

Beauty standards in America put the pressure on millennials to look ‘perfect’

Many have heard the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but in today’s society it seems to have changed to “beauty… Read More

Farewell and best wishes to Cabrini University’s class of 2017

Ah, graduation. An exciting and bittersweet time in every college student’s life. It represents four long years of hard work, tears, laughs and friendships… Read More

Parents and coaches have impact on athletes and their performance

  Having a strong support system is important for all athletes. Not only is believing in yourself and your abilities an important part, but… Read More

Cavaliers voice their opinion of popular TV show The Bachelor

Many people have guilty pleasures they are afraid of admitting. Eating excessive amounts of chocolate, binge-watching Netflix and reality TV shows all constitute under… Read More

Drunk texting: A college student’s worst nightmare

Technology is a wonderful thing… most of the time. As a global community, the world can find the answer to almost any question in… Read More

Celebrities speaking out on political views causes debate in the entertainment world

  The 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton was one of the most controversial elections in history. Some celebrities took matters into… Read More

You can’t handle the truth: The oversensitive millennial generation

Nobody likes to be insulted, oppressed, treated with prejudice or abused, but in our society’s efforts to not offend anyone, has the pendulum swung… Read More

LifeHacks that will make shopping during the holidays stress free

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means shopping is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. For the next couple weeks, the malls will be… Read More
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