Farewell and best wishes to Cabrini University’s class of 2017

By Hayley Curtiss
April 21, 2017

Graphic by Hayley Curtiss

Ah, graduation. An exciting and bittersweet time in every college student’s life.

It represents four long years of hard work, tears, laughs and friendships that will last a lifetime. In the moment, college may seem stressful and overwhelming but it is important to enjoy it while it lasts because time has a way of passing us when we do not realize.

“It has not really hit me yet, it does not feel real. All I can think about is what my life will be like next year. I will hopefully have a full time job and be living back home which, will be a weird adjustment,” said Cortney Hanson, an early education and special education major. “Part of me is ready to be done and start my future as a teacher but the other half of me still wants to be at Cabrini because it feels like home. I’m not ready to leave the team and end my season of dance.”

For many college students, graduation means finally gaining full independence and looking for jobs that there degree is in. The anticipation towards graduation in many student’s last semesters can be exhilarating but also worrisome. It will be liberating but the fear of the “real world” is right around the corner.

“I am currently at a stage where I am in between excited and nervous for the ‘real world,’ after graduation, so I have plenty going through my mind,” said Natalie Tretola, an early education and special education major. “Of course, I cannot wait to have my own classroom as a teacher and do big things in the ‘real world’ but at the same time I am definitely going to miss being a college student, which were the best years of my life so far.”

In the final semester of college, there are feelings of denial and disbelief when you think ‘how did I get this far and accomplish so many things in a short period of time?’ It is important to feel proud of all of those accomplishments, big or small, because it was you who chose to better yourself, educate yourself, and create a life for yourself.

“It hasn’t really hit me yet. I don’t think it will hit me until finals week when I have to pack up my room for the last time,” Bryanna Manning, a senior English and secondary education major, said.

“My advice to underclassmen is to never give up, make sure that you love what you do forever, and enjoy every minute of college while it lasts because before you know it, it will be gone,” said Tretola.

People think the main part of college is to prepare for something called the “real world.”

However, we are in the real world and we may not even realize it. This is now. Life has started and it is up to us to make the most out of everyday because we will never know when it will be our last. Carpe Diem cavaliers!

“Don’t be afraid to get involved! College is fun, but getting involved and meeting new people created some of the best memories that I will take with me,” Manning said. “Being at Cabrini has taught me many life lessons. One of the most important is learning to love myself for who I am.”

College graduation is one of those days that will hold a special place in many hearts for a longtime.

Hayley Curtiss

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