Cavaliers voice their opinion of popular TV show The Bachelor

By Hayley Curtiss
March 10, 2017

Graphic by Hayley Curtiss

Many people have guilty pleasures they are afraid of admitting. Eating excessive amounts of chocolate, binge-watching Netflix and reality TV shows all constitute under guilty pleasures.

For many people, the TV show The Bachelor is one of those guilty pleasures.

The show has been on for 21 seasons and has ended in many happily ever afters and some happily never afters.

“I used to watch The Bachelor all the time and my favorite season was the one with Sean Lowe. I was rooting for him to be with Catherine the entire time and was so so happy they finally got together at the end and are still together,” Bianca Santos, sophomore biology major, said.

Even though the show has been on for so long, there are still many dedicated fans who tune in every Monday to see who will receive a rose and who will be sent home.

“I started watching the show with my older sisters when I was in middle school and I still watch it today. When it’s Monday I just like to de-stress and that show just allows me to forget about all the work I have to do and relax,” Christine McCollum, sophomore business major, said.

Some people continuously watch the Bachelor because of the drama and heartbreak, while others because they believe the contestants are doing it “for the right reasons.” Although many people tune in and watch it, some people are not interested and do not care for reality TV.

“I could never really get that interested in it. I will watch it if nothing else is on TV but I do not follow it weekly. I have seen some seasons, but I mainly just watch shows on Netflix,” Shannon Donnelly, a junior religious studies major, said.

Whether people watch it to see Chris Harrison at the rose ceremony or because they want to see two people fall in love, many Americans love The Bachelor and will continue to watch it for many more seasons to come.

Hayley Curtiss

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