20% talent, 80% heart: A look into the life of softball home-run leader

By Hayley Curtiss
May 7, 2017

Many parents start their children in sports programs so their children can make friends and learn how to be a part of the team. Those children typically grow up and continue to play the sport or it just never interests them in their older years.

From the beginning, athletes are born. They start playing on the team to make friends, but then it becomes a lifestyle. They become more competitive and play because it becomes a major part of their life. Sports become a stress reliever and motivator. 

Lindsay Savar, a senior at Cabrini, spends her weeks doing homework, going to classes and playing third base on the women’s softball team. Savar has played softball her whole life and became a leader on the team her senior year.

“When I was younger my parents signed me up for t-ball and I did martial arts and I also did basketball so they kind of just wanted me to start doing sports so I could meet people and give me something to do just as a young kid. And then softball was kind of the one sport that stuck with me throughout my entire life,” Lindsay Savar, senior third baseman on the women’s softball team, said.

Savar has become the leader in home-runs on the women’s softball team and in the CSAC conference but it hasn’t always been that way. Savar did not always knock it out of the park with her impressive long ball hit, it took lots of practice and determination.

“I really didn’t even hit my first career home-run until my freshman year of college. All throughout high school I was more of a contact hitter and singles hitter. That was never really my forte or strong suit but then I came into college and I guess strength and timing everything just kind of ended up working out,” Savar said. Savar now is in the lead for a total of nine home-runs this season.

It is definitely not an easy task to acquire the most home-runs on a team, let alone in the entire conference, but Savar’s hard work and dedication definitely paid off. She works out all year round and prepares mentally and physically each season so she is ready to take the field.

“So I strength train and workout pretty much all year round and I definitely think that has helped me a lot be in conditioned for pre-season and then during pre-season we practice almost everyday starting in the beginning of January when we come back after the semester,” she said.

Savar was inspired from a young age to play softball but high school is where it became more than just a sport, it became a lifestyle and changed the way she played and looked at the game.

“I went to Cherry Hill East, I had a coach, Coach Charles Musumeci, ‘Moose,’ and he was a really great influence on me. He actually passed away at the beginning of my senior year so that kind of like made me put everything in perspective that this is only a game and there is so much more to life and how you carry yourself off the field is a reflection of you on the field and vice versa,” she said.

After graduating high school, Savar chose to spend the next four years at Cabrini where she was able to make great memories with her teammates and friends.

“One of my favorite memories here at Cabrini was my freshman year. We were kind of the underdogs in the CSAC, no one really expected us to go as far as we did and we ended up coming in runner up in the CSAC championship and that’s really when Cabrini softball kind of left a mark,” Savar said.  

She has been on the softball team since freshman year and now her time as a Cavalier is coming to an end. She plans to work with athletes in the future and help them with strengthening and conditioning and hopes to meet softball players there.

“I think this year softball is kind of one of those things that was always part of my daily life, you know every January and February it would be time to get new cleats and then this year it is kind of really hitting me that this is it. Especially at a DIII level, this is it. I really did enjoy my time here and continue to enjoy it. I think this season is put in perspective that every time I step on the field it’s one of my last times. So I am really just trying to soak it all in.”

Savar has had a great last season on the Cabrini women’s softball team and has been a leader to the underclassmen who can look to her for guidance throughout the rest of their time at Cabrini.

“I really do try to be a leader on and off the field and that’s something I have definitely worked on a lot this season.”

Hayley Curtiss

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