Drunk texting: A college student’s worst nightmare

By Hayley Curtiss
February 17, 2017

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Technology is a wonderful thing… most of the time.

As a global community, the world can find the answer to almost any question in the click of a button. Humans have been sent to space, surgeons can perform surgery with minimal incisions and yet technology can backfire and create awkwardness. Yeah, that is right. You know what I am talking about.

Drunk texting.

Almost everyone has thought at one point in time “how could something that seems like such a great idea at the time turn out to be that bad?” Well something that seems so right can definitely be so wrong. Drunk texting creates tension and awkwardness and is only possibly funny way way after enough time has passed.

There tend to be different stages of drunk texting and each stage seems to get worse and worse. The first stage is a simple, “hey what‘s up?” with the accompaniment of some flirty emojis. Seems innocent but little do they know, as the night goes on, and drinks are poured there is a lot more where that came from.

“I have definitely sent a few texts like that in my lifetime. I usually do it after I have consumed a little liquid courage, like a drink or two, and I get a little boost of confidence to text the person I am talking to or something like that,” Bianca Santos, a sophomore biology major, said.

The second stage is where one tends to open up a bit more. Maybe texting an ex or an old flame is put into this category and it becomes nothing but awkward for the both of you. You both know where the conversation is going and it is important to remember there is a reason the relationship went south and just because Jack Daniels is encouraging you to text him, does not mean you should.

“I recently received a drunk text from this guy I used to talk to last year and it got weird really fast,” Adrena DeJohn, a sophomore exercise major, said. “The next day he texted me and apologized for what happened and I told him it was no big deal and that it happens. I ended the conversation at that and we haven’t talked since.”

The third stage is confessing why you really are texting that person. The conversation has been going on for a little while and then those four words are said. Can I be blunt?” Those words can get you into a lot of trouble because the usual response is ‘Sure’ and then something I like to call word vomit happens where everything you have been keeping in comes out. Feelings, misspellings and a lot more feelings flood the page and are sent.

“Last year, my best friend received a drunk text from her ex who was saying how he wanted to get back together and that he missed her so much but then her new boyfriend texted back saying that she was seeing someone else and then his apology came and it was a very uncomfortable experience for everyone,” Christine McCollum, a sophomore business major, said.

In the morning, you will be trying to piece the events together from the night before while watching your friends Snapchat stories and then it will hit you.

OMG. What have I done?

The panic sets in and here comes stage four. The apology. You text the person apologizing about what had happened the night before and just to forget what was said and throw in a few “lols” to ease the awkward tension.

I mean it is not really your fault, right? Like you said, Jack Daniels told you to.

Hayley Curtiss

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