Everything you need to know about pets on campus

The start of Cabrini University’s fall semester brings excitement to some students, but overwhelming feelings to others. One thing that helps some students feel… Read More

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Photo of Samantha Sturkey

Cabrini student uses her disability to inspire others

It was high school graduation day and when Samantha Sturkey’s name was called, she said: “They had to walk my diploma down to me… Read More

The Loquitur wins 10 Pennsylvania Keystone media awards, most in school history

Cabrini’s student journalists have been known to produce award-winning stories, and this year is no different. On March 15, The Loquitur racked up 10… Read More

Do Cabrini students care about politics?

With a societal push for social justice reform and political issues becoming less about politics and more about human rights issues, encouraging active political… Read More

Choosing a major, adding another or considering graduate school? How to weigh options in college

To many, college is the ultimate decision-making time. At times, students need to be reminded of the number of choices they have that revolve… Read More
Photo of Dr. Nune Grigoryan

Want more followers? Five tips on how to grow your social media accounts

With billions of users across various social media platforms, growing a social media account can be harder than people think. “It can be hard… Read More

The Cabrini Dance Team takes center stage at 76ers game; big things awaits

The arena darkened, and the 76ers cleared the court. When screeching of sneakers stopped and the lights dimmed, a spotlight drew the fans’ attention… Read More

Top 5 things to do near Cabrini if you need a break from classes

Do you need to get off campus to escape the academic week? There are plenty of fun things to do whether you are staying… Read More
Lounge in residence hall

Is Cabrini becoming a suitcase school?

The zippering of suitcases is all you hear on Friday’s on Cabrini’s campus. During the weekends Cabrini’s campus has become desolate, a good percentage… Read More

How social media platforms trigger insecurities

Since the early 2000s, many social media platforms have launched to help people connect. In today’s day and age, more than 3.6 billion people… Read More
Photo of Onlyfans creator

Top OnlyFans Creator details her experience using the platform

At 15-years-old, she was submitted to local modeling agencies in Oregon and started to do local work for Nike, Adidas and some other brands.… Read More
Graphic of Marvel phase 4

What’s coming out in the Marvel Cinetmatic Universe and what Cabrini students have to say

Warning: This article may contain spoilers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) officially began on May 2, 2008, with the release of the first Iron… Read More
Graphic for sexual assault awareness month

Sexual Assault Awareness April- #MeToo and #TimesUp movements can be powerful for all women alike

Sexual assault – it’s scary and it’s real, especially in college. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To know what to be aware of,… Read More

Cabrini’s student government association opens up about their organization

Students have become unaware of who to turn to when it comes to getting involved on campus and attending on-campus events. What they don’t… Read More
"Selfcare isn't selfish"Graphic

Five steps to practice self-care

Taking care of yourself is very integral part of the human condition. Without self-care, we would be working robots that had no time for… Read More

Catch Cornel West, Cavalier Radio open mic and senior celebration to round out the school year

With the spring semester is winding down, you may find that things are a little bit slower around the Cabrini campus. Despite this, there… Read More

COVID-19, social media linked to increase in K-12 student fighting

Melissa Cosgriff, a fifth-grade math teacher at Upper Merion Area High School for 15 years, walked through the hallways on her lunch break. She… Read More

How Cabrini builds championship caliber athletes

In the world of athletics, bigger, stronger and faster is the name of the game, as athletes will do just about anything to get… Read More

Cabrini’s return to large sporting events with new appreciation

During the last two years, sporting venues that were once packed with fans, turned into ghost towns. The entire sporting world felt this setback… Read More

Students share stories of on campus vs. off campus housing

One of the biggest decisions that any college student has to make is whether they want to live on campus or off campus. Discussions… Read More
Daylight savings graphic

How Daylight Savings Time affects emotional, physical health

Daylight Savings Time has been around for a couple of centuries, and it appears that it can aggravate people and their health routines in… Read More
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