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SGA announces freshmen class election results, Mundy president

The class of 2006 has chosen their fellow classmates to represent their class in this year's SGA election. Roy Mundy has been named president, Frank Fonnotto is the vice president, Claudia Sciandra will be treasurer of the class and Marcy Fonseca and Kristen Catalanotto have been elected the senators.

Newsletter ‘advocates heart’

The Wolfington Center has issued a new biweekly newsletter titled "Heartbeats." "It is an every two weeks, easy to read, easy to pick up bulletin that focuses on one issue," Dr. Mary Laver, coordinator of community outreach and partnerships, said. The first issue of "Heartbeats" was released Tuesday, Sept.

Men’s roller hockey 4-3 over Temple

The men's roller hockey team beat Temple in the second round of the playoffs on Sunday, April 13 with a score of 4-3. A crowd of Cabrini supporters poured through the front doors of the Marple Sports Arena, the home of the Philadelphia Collegiate Roller Hockey League the men play in.

Cavs say farewell to season

The women's basketball team ended their season in the first round of the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference playoffs to Neumann College by a score of 83-58 on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Cabrini came out of the tip off with a burst of energy scoring the first couple points of the game.

Spring Break…Or Bust!

Spring Break: the two words that are music to every college student's ears. What can be better than tons of fun with the friends you've made and live with for the majority of the year? It's a week filled with more memories than you could build over the year.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is an organization created to help children under the age of 18 who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss and cannot financially afford a hair piece. The organization uses donated hair from people throughout the United States to create a high quality hairpiece.

Know the importance of student-athletics

The importance of athletics in colleges and universities throughout the country is undeniable. It benefits everyone involved. Sports teach student-athletes skills that can't be taught in a classroom and that would be extremely helpful when looking for a career.

SEM 300 takes learning to a whole new level

With the first semester winding down, students in the Seminar 300 classes have been really getting into their community service. SEM 300, a class usually taken in your junior, but sometimes senior, year requires a certain amount of community service. First you have choices to pick from.

Cabrini Day speaker brings the world into focus

Cabrini Day is a traditional day, in which there are no classes, and speakers come in from all over the world to speak about different topics. Extra credit is available to students depending on a specific teacher's policies. This year Cabrini Day will be on Nov.

Food service leaves a lot to be desired

My favorite part of this campus is walking around that VERY blind "blind corner" on my way to lunch and getting a waft of the lovely meal that awaits me inside the cafeteria doors. Mmm.doesn't it smell good? I know you all know exactly what I'm talking about.

Cabrini soldiers split time between service and school

Devon Spratling has been serving in the Army, National Guard, and ROTC program since March 22, 2002. Spratling received his basic training at Fort Benning, Ga. Spratling said, of his basic training, "You're kind of separated from the entire world. You can't read anything but the Bible, they tell you what to eat, when to eat, and where to eat it.

Laptops available for students in library

The Holy Spirit Library has purchased brand new laptops for students to check out. Checking out a laptop is free of charge, but students must be eligible patrons. The requirements include a valid Cabrini College identification card, a driver's license and being a registered borrower at the library.


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