Food service leaves a lot to be desired

By Mary Adam
November 7, 2002

Angelina Wagner

My favorite part of this campus is walking around that VERY blind “blind corner” on my way to lunch and getting a waft of the lovely meal that awaits me inside the cafeteria doors. Mmm.doesn’t it smell good? I know you all know exactly what I’m talking about. The combination odor of “food”, smoke, garbage, and what can only be described as a baby’s two-week old dirty diaper. Gee, now I’m ready to eat!

But wait, it only gets better. After nearly passing out from the smell that pierces my nose, I get to walk around “the corner” (not that driving through there is any better with all the potholes and the dip that rips out the bottom of my brand new car every time I drive by). You know, the one that should have a stand on either side of it that sells life insurance. There has to be something done about that corner. It’s ridiculous. I feel safe walking from New Residence Hall to the apartments and back at 3:30 in the morning, but I don’t feel safe walking around that corner. How does that make sense?

Somehow it still keeps getting better. After all of the suffering just walking to the cafeteria, I’ve certainly work up an appetite. I get to the door, get my card swiped, put my keys down at our “softball” table, where usually the only good thing that comes out of the day is the people that are sitting at that table during my arrival, and I walk up to get my food. Hmm.what do I want to eat today? Well, I had a cheeseburger yesterday, grilled cheese the day before, pizza the day before that, and pasta the day before that. Oooh yeah! NOW I remember! That’s all there is to eat at our cafeteria! The same chewy food every single day that can be so appetizing that it makes my stomach turn. We pay plenty of money for our meal plans, why can’t we get a decent meal out of it? Is it really all that much to ask?

I go to classes, play softball, and work almost 30 hours every week. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that has this problem. Any athlete, member of a club, person with a job or something like that has to understand where I am about to come from. Because I am always at work or softball practice, I usually can’t make cafeteria hours to eat. Especially in softball season because our games don’t end until after the cafeteria is closed. So quite often I am forced to eat at the Wig Wam. Their “meal of the day” is never anything really good that I want. When is the last time you saw a chicken finger wrap on the menu for meal exchange of the day? I have never seen it. Majority of the time, their special is a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. I might as well go to the cafeteria; at least there I can eat as many as I want! No, I want the stinking chicken finger wrap. So I decide to live dangerously and go with the wrap. I, of course, ALWAYS say yes to the “pickle and chips” question! The wrap will only fill me up so much you know. I get my soda and wait in line. My palms get sweaty, I start to breath hard. “Why” you ask? I’m hoping that my response to the question “flex what you over?” isn’t the end of the Wig Wam for me. They should provide us more money for a meal exchange. It’s already bad enough that when I eat dinner there, I don’t even get filled up! I’ll get hungry 10 minutes after I eat there because their meals are like snacks to me.

Lizzy Charlick, a first-year student and resident, said, “On a day off people don’t wake up until 1 pm. Naturally when you wake up you’re hungry, so you think ‘the Wig Wam is open, I’ll go there!’ So I walked up to the huge hill in the rain to the Wig Wam only to find out that it’s Columbus Day! It’s closed! People do still live here. So then I had to wait until 5 pm to go to the cafeteria.” Well duh Lizzy! Didn’t you know Columbus Day is a VERY important holiday? So important that the places we pay money to eat at are closed! I can understand Thanksgiving, but Columbus Day? Come on! Lizzy is right. People DO still live here. We pay a ridiculous amount of money to go to this school. These stupid little problems should not be happening and something needs to be done about them.

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Mary Adam

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