Know the importance of student-athletics

By Mary Adam
February 6, 2003

Alaina Robinson

The importance of athletics in colleges and universities throughout the country is undeniable. It benefits everyone involved. Sports teach student-athletes skills that can’t be taught in a classroom and that would be extremely helpful when looking for a career. It teaches them leadership, teamwork, discipline, dedication, and desire.

These people you see walking around campus wearing their sweatshirts for whichever team they’ve given their life to go to practice every single day of their lives. They do this through injuries and through pain. If that isn’t dedication and desire, I don’t know what is.

And they do all this for nothing. Division III schools do not give athletic scholarships. The student-athletes at our school are doing it for the love of their game. It’s the sport that feeds them and gives them drive. It’s not like professional sports, or even Division I and II sports, because even they get paid to play. Not here at Cabrini.

It’s not just the actual athletes that sports benefit. Athletics are a huge part of the school as well. The sports teams here at Cabrini make up about 33 percent of our clubs and organizations. They give the students and faculty school spirit. I know some may try to argue, but it’s true.

Think about it. The school doesn’t fill up the gym with screaming, excited Cabrini students for a Project Appalachia meeting. Not that I have anything at all against the Project Appalachia, just to make that known. No, the Dixon Center would be packed with students if the men’s basketball team plays Arcadia at home for the PAC Championship. It’s packed even if it’s not for the championship. The most successful event of the year, and probably every year prior, was Midnight Madness. And what is that even for? You guessed it kids. It’s a pep rally event in celebration of the winter sports. The Dixon Center was completely packed with students screaming and having a blast. Do you see them doing that on the way to class? I don’t, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. It’s because our sports teams give our students school spirit, not heading off to Dr. Hedtke’s history class, even though that man is like the Nicolas Cage of Cabrini.

The only time adults from the community come to our school is either to use the gym or come to watch a game. I know I see them at games all the time. It gives the community fun events that they can attend and bring their kids to. It also ties the community in with the school, connecting them on some level, which is always good to have the support of your surrounding community. Our athletic teams also benefit the community because I know of a few teams that take the time to go out and do community service.

So you see, collegiate athletic teams are imperative in society. They have an effect on everyone in one-way or another. I couldn’t imagine my life without sports, could you?

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Mary Adam

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