SGA announces freshmen class election results, Mundy president

By Mary Adam
October 3, 2002

Angelina Wagner

The class of 2006 has chosen their fellow classmates to represent their class in this year’s SGA election. Roy Mundy has been named president, Frank Fonnotto is the vice president, Claudia Sciandra will be treasurer of the class and Marcy Fonseca and Kristen Catalanotto have been elected the senators.

As president, Mundy had a few ideas in mind. “As freshmen, what we need is money for our account,” Mundy said. “We are going to work out a powder puff game, make freshman T-shirts and do Midnight Madness. But our main goal right now is to build our reservoir.”

The freshman officers have been thinking of ideas for Midnight Madness. Each class must decorate its own side of the gymnasium, and the officers are working to do that, but also want to involve members of the class. “We still have to put out flyers, but we want to get people involved as much as we can,” Mundy said. Although undetermined there also have been thoughts of having a “King” and “Queen” for the night. Raffle tickets will be sold and prizes will be given out.

The group discussed some fundraising ideas but has not gotten into anything definite yet. Sciandra was credited with coming up with the idea of having a tug-of-war contest between each class, and there have been discussions of having a bachelor auction. They have thought about having a delivery service to help raise money. It is a fundraiser that will involve people walking around the dorms, possibly the houses and apartments, and asking if anything is needed from a store. “We’ll go anywhere,” Sciandra said. They will do this for you for just a small delivery charge. After the class raises some money and they can afford to do so, they also plan to have a bikini contest. Not just for women, but for the men as well. “We didn’t want to limit it to just the girls getting out there in a bathing suit. We wanted the guys to get out there too,” Mundy said. The contest will be used as a fundraiser to earn more money for the class.

Housing has become a big burden on people all over campus, especially the freshman class. In the New Residence Hall, the freshman singles have become doubles, the doubles have become triples and, in many cases, the triples have become quadruples. Woodcrest, which had doubled and tripled rooms here and there, has become an all-tripled building. Mundy is on the Residence Hall Association, which is a system whose main goal is to aid and improve student life and housing. They plan to work on the situation and see if they can come up with any solutions.

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Mary Adam

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