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Students passionate over dodgeball

The foyer of the Dixon centre was buzzing with anticipation on Wednesday, Oct. 26 as students gathered to watch fifteen teams compete in the much anticipated Up 'til Dawn dodgeball tournament. Once inside the gymnasium the teams split up for last minute pep talks while the rules were announced over the loudspeaker by Craig Vagell, senior.

‘Weigh to go;’ holiday weight contest to begin

Why is it that in the weeks coming up to the holidays people start counting the calories and invade the gym, hoping to create a svelte impression at those holiday parties or family gatherings, but as soon as the festivities arrive the same people become food obsessed, drink guzzling and couch bound.

Women’s basketball set to tip off (Part 2)

Cabrini's women's basketball team has recruited several new players in their quest for the title of the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference champions. It is said that a change will do you good, but fans will have to wait until the Lady Cavaliers season officially gets underway on Sunday, Nov.

Helium, Happiness: A First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to me has always been a special episode of 'Friends' once a season, where there is some escapade with a turkey or an argument that ends up in a clich

‘Livestrong’ for cancer victims

A yellow rubber band; a yellow band worn around the wrist. How has this item become so popular that people will pay up to 20 percent of their original cost value just to have one? They are on back order for up to six weeks and are appearing throughout the nation in high schools, on college campuses, in the workplace; well everywhere.

Senior gets psyched for basketball season

Since he was old enough to remember Jody Boone, senior, has been playing basketball. Boone competed throughout his high school career at Interboro High, Pa., and now plays for the Cabrini Cavaliers. His love of the sport and determination to win have made him one of the best known players for the college team.

Junior captain’s goal: to unite swim team

It's 6 a.m. on a Friday morning and Cabrini's campus echoes with the footsteps and farewell grunts of those lingering students who have partied to their limit and now seek the comfort and respite of their beds. While these students welcome dreams of the previous night's party,junior Lauren Walker, junior, awakens ready to challenge the day with the best start she can imagine-swim practice.

Alcohol laws: U.S. vs. U.K.

You're 20 years old. You can die for your country. You can vote, hold public office, serve on juries, sign contracts, smoke, have sex, get married and even buy a gun. You can't appreciate the flavors a good merlot brings out of filet mignon. It's too dangerous to enjoy a beer with your friends on a summer's day.

Rooymans Center gives assistance to students

Cabrini's on campus tutoring center offers free peer tutoring to all students. The Rooymans Center provides the setting for students to receive the help they need. Whether difficulties are ongoing or are specific tasks, such as reviewing for upcoming tests, peer tutors are available through walk-in hours and by appointment.

Martin ‘In Good Company’ with students

An awed silence fell across the Widener Center lecture hall as students gathered to hear the extraordinary stories of speaker Father James Martin. The one- time- business-man turned priest, as well as author and editor, spoke to students on his experience in the industry, his presence at Ground Zero during the 9/11 attacks and, to the great amusement of the audience, his fondness of the television show "Sex and the City.

Reflecting on a year abroad

Well it's been a hell of a ride. I set out this year with a ton of luggage, a brave smile and an open mind. I remember driving into the entrance of Cabrini and literally shaking with adrenaline, excitement, fear and to be honest a little hangover from the flight.

American misconception: IRA

Recently, there has been much coverage in the news about the position of Sinn Fein as a political party in Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein basically rallies for a United Ireland, meaning the six counties of Northern Ireland, presently under British rule, being returned to Irish rule.

Despite health risks students desire bronzed bodies

With the bronzed look currently en vogue and skimpy clothing shunning the wooly wraps of winter, the pressure is on for teens to be tan. It is well known that the teenage years are when we are most impressionable and concerned to conform. Realizing this, the World Health Organization supported by the American Academy of Dermatology Association (ADDA) is taking on the tanning industry for their services to minors.

Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia

Late on Monday, March 28, a powerful earthquake struck off Indonesia's west coast killing hundreds of people and demolishing villages. Panic quickly spread across the Indian Ocean that another killer tsunami like that of Dec. 26, was on the way, but studies have quashed that fear.

Finale frenzy

Letter-writing parties until midnight, pizza, movies and massages are just part of the rewards that Up 'Til Dawn offers students, the biggest being helping kids with terminal cancer. The 14 member executive board has selflessly labored all year to plan and coordinate fundraising events that will climax with the finale party on Friday, March 18, in the Dixon Center.

Kiss me I’m Irish

Fellow Irish once again our day has come to show all others how to celebrate their heritage in style. On Thursday March 17, a.k.a. St. Patrick's Day, a.k.a. the best day of the year, we shall put on our finest green, feast on potatoes and Guinness and prove why it's best to be Irish.

Shiites elect Jafari to be their leader

Ibrahim Jafari has been chosen by the elected Shiites as their leader after months of speculation and many voters risking their lives. The winning slate of the elections picked the leader of the country's oldest Islamist party to head the government on Feb.

The ‘Belfast Job’: luck of the Irish, paper waste

It is a stormy night the week before Christmas. A husband and wife sit in a house decorated with lights and other symbols of the holidays. A knock on the door reveals two men dressed as police officers, there to inform the husband that his sister has been killed in a horrific car accident.

The plastic temptress

America's college students control more money than the national debt of some small countries. Together they spend more than $19 billion dollars a year. No wonder they are the perfect prey for credit card companies who hope to reel them in with incentives of a cool free t-shirt or stuffed animal.

SAT format given new look

Kelly McKee Staff Writer The SAT will reemerge from months of development as the "New SAT." Effective March 18, the new test is designed to revamp America's education system and accordingly strike fear into the hearts and minds of teenagers throughout the country.


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