Senior gets psyched for basketball season

By Kelly McKee
November 12, 2004

Paul Nasella

Since he was old enough to remember Jody Boone, senior, has been playing basketball. Boone competed throughout his high school career at Interboro High, Pa., and now plays for the Cabrini Cavaliers. His love of the sport and determination to win have made him one of the best known players for the college team.

This year the basketball team has been dubbed as “one of the strongest yet,” with a resolute group of seniors returning and some new freshmen talent. Boone is optimistic about this upcoming season. “We last won the PAC championships in my freshman year,” Boone said, “and we’re going to win it this year.”

His fourth year on the team, Boone has formed strong friendships with many of the other players. One can often see the team sitting together at meals at the “designated” basketball table. “The team is great this year. With so many seniors playing there is a lot of experience there, and because we’re friends away from the court, when we play it makes us much stronger,” Boone said.

Boone chose basketball over other sports for its fast moving pace and the sense of teamwork that emanates from the sport. His love of the sport is obvious in watching him train vigorously for the upcoming season. Coached by John Dzik, the team practices nearly every day between two and three hours. Although this may seem a lot to outsiders, to Boone the practices do not feel like a chore.

Coming from a family that shares his enthusiasm for the game, basketball has always been a big part of Boone’s life. His family regularly attend his games and give him a lot of support. Boone feels they are a big part of the reason why he loves the sport so much. “I was brought up on the game,” Boone said. “My Dad even coached me in high school.”

Boone recently attended a leadership seminar along with other seniors on the team. The seminar was hosted by Robert Holman, CEO of Push the Rock, an apparel and motivational basketball company with the mission of “to impact as many as possible with the core values that exemplify Push the Rock: Respect, Hard-work, and Dedication.” The seminar enforced the principles of how to speak out to the younger members of the team, gaining their respect whilst strengthening the team bond. Boone appreciates the importance of good leadership giving credit to coach John Dzik. “He’s a great coach with good game plans.” Boone said.

The Cavaliers begin their season with an 11 day tournament, held in Virginia. Beginning on Nov. 19, the tournament will provide competitive practice for the team who eagerly await their chance to regain the title of PAC champions in 2004-05.

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Kelly McKee

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