Rooymans Center gives assistance to students

By Kelly McKee
October 21, 2004

Kara Delaney

Cabrini’s on campus tutoring center offers free peer tutoring to all students. The Rooymans Center provides the setting for students to receive the help they need. Whether difficulties are ongoing or are specific tasks, such as reviewing for upcoming tests, peer tutors are available through walk-in hours and by appointment.

Students who need assistance benefit by getting help from tutors who have been successful in a similar course and are in a unique position to help others with the material.

Peer tutors are students who have been trained through a one-credit course, EDU 190, receiving instruction on issues such as communication skills, learning styles and confidentiality. Recommended by faculty, these high performing students offer time periods each week in which students can visit the center without appointment and review personal obstacles.

Sarah Boyer, a senior education major, has been a peer tutor at the center since her sophomore year. Boyer hopes to pursue a career in special education. “Tutoring is great experience for me as a teacher and also as a student. I enjoy the feeling of helping others and the atmosphere in the center is great,” Boyer said.

Also available at the center are classroom coaches. These highly qualified peer tutors are assigned to certain classes to act as a support for professors and develop a greater understanding of how students are progressing. Students from these classes can receive extra review and practice for course material previously taught. By attending the classes in question, the classroom coach is able to identify students’ personal methods of learning and develop these outside of the classroom.

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Kelly McKee

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