Students passionate over dodgeball

By Kelly McKee
February 3, 2005

Shawn Rice

The foyer of the Dixon centre was buzzing with anticipation on Wednesday, Jan. 26 as students gathered to watch fifteen teams compete in the much anticipated Up ’til Dawn dodgeball tournament.

Once inside the gymnasium the teams split up for last minute pep talks while the rules were announced over the loudspeaker by Craig Vagell, senior. The tournament was played to the authorized intramural rules and each game would last for five minutes. The tournament drew spectators from all grades out to support their fellow classmates in the battle for the title of dodgeball champions.

The money raised from the tournament came from the team’s entry fee and an admission charge at the doors for spectators. Up ’til Dawn is a campus- based- student-run charity which benefits the St.Judes children’s hospital. The hospital treats cancer patients with their groundbreaking technology and care, and they do this amazingly at no cost to the patient. Up ’til Dawn is one of the most successful organizations at Cabrini College and has held many previous successful fundraisers such as their letter writing parties and a dance held last semester, where over $300 was raised.

At the tournament the 15 teams were as varied as they come. From the determined Dodge this… to the tye-dyed Moglioni-maulers, the feared Rrrr-As to our very own Loquitur team led by Lauren Reilly, news editor. The teams were split between three partitioned courts for the initial play-offs. The action began with team huddles breaking with cries of “one, two, three dodgeball” and “one, two, three win.” It was obvious how important this title was to many teams who had taken the time to have t-shirts made such as the professional dodge-this… red army and the Moaning Cacto Puss’s homemade creations.

Friendly banter rallied between the teams with Will Harmon, a senior from team Rrrr-As joking, “our team is not very likely to win, but we can write up anyone that beats us.” The action began on all three courts shortly after 9 o’clock. Shouts of support rained down on the psyched teams from supporters up in the balcony as the fast moving games got underway. Supporters ran from one end of the balcony to the other to view the three simultaneous games that went on below. Passions were high on the courts with Up ‘ttil Dawn referees such as Jana Fagotti and Megan Beaudy, seniors, keeping the players in line. Fagotti proved just how tough she was at one point sending off a player. “He got sassy with me,” she said. “Inappropriateness is not tolerated on the dodgeball court.”

The Loquitur team took to the court with raw determination. Their great show of talent for being hit by the ball proved that their mightiest weapon is not a dodgeball but is indeed a pen, or in this case a Mac. Reluctantly Editor-in-chief Shawn Rice submitted to their defeat, “We were out of it as soon as we stepped on the court,” he admitted.

Team by team were knocked out until only two were left, dodge this… and the Moaning Cacto Puss’s. Both all- male -freshmen teams, the rivalry between the two was passionate. Anticipation from the supporter also grew. One upperclassman was overheard on a phone call to say “Its ultimate dodgeball down here, these people are intense. You should see it.”

The teams geared up for their battle which would be a best out of three match-up. , a freshman from dodge this…, psyched himself up for the match on the side of the court. “We have gone through rigorous amounts of practice to be here. Winning means everything to us, it’s beyond words,” he said. The Moaning Cacto Puss’s were just as determined. “We have had team meetings all week to get us in the mindset to win,” said John Bodnar, a freshman on the team.

The final began with animated cheers from supporters. The action was lightning quick as the teams put all they had into winning. A diving catch by freshman Pat Jenkins of the Moaning Cacto Puss’s ended game one. The same player took a fall in game two which resulted in a timeout and a bloody nose. The passions on both teams were soaring yet the camaraderie of the teams was shown by the concern for the fallen player. As Jenkins took to his feet a cheer from supporters erupted through the building. The game got underway again and the anticipation grew as only one dodge this… player was left facing two opposing players. The Moaning Cacto Puss’s seized the moment and with a double attack on their opponent ended the game and the tournament.

The winning team consisting of Dennis Bell, Kevin McDevitt, Brendan McCauley, Pat Jenkins, Dan de Rosa and John Bodnar celebrated with jumps of victory. “It feels awesome to have won,” Dennis Bell said. “Our motto was to aim-low and of course dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.” Megan Beaudy, founding member of the Up ’til Dawn program at Cabrini College was thrilled with the results of the event. “The tournament raised over $260,” she said. “I hope next years board will continue with the event.” The winning team will be honored at the Up ’til Dawn benefit dinner on Feb. 18th. As for the runners up, dodge this…they can be compensated by the fact that Maria McGuigan and Paula Bruno, freshmen, had this to say, “we only came to see the hot guys, especially dodge this.”

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Kelly McKee

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