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Div. I athletes getting more than scholarships

Division I athletics: just one notch under possibly going semi-professional or professional. Getting to this point in an athlete's life, it may be the dawning of a new day: expensive cars, a new wardrobe, "bling bling" and the celebrity scene. But this lifestyle may not simply start by getting drafted into a pro-sport, it may have already began "behind closed doors" during the college years.

Wawa vs. Sheetz: don’t just drive past Sheetz, go in and experience it

I come from the "sticks" some people like to say, but I actually come from the Pennsylvania mountains deep in the Poconos. All around me there are tourist attractions and even more, gas stations for those tourists to "fill up" at. The gas stations around me include: Texacos, Sunocos, Wawas and the best one yet, Sheetz.

Students struggle with anxiety over college acceptance

Leaving junior high school and getting ready to be a "big man on campus" is anticipated by almost all young children. High school brings new friends, high school sports, a first time after-game party, but also throws in hard work with some intimidating administrators and teachers.

Rehabilitation program fails to help users kick the habit

Proposition 36, which went into effect July 1, 2001, is one of the hottest topics between legislators and those not abiding by the law in California. Proposition 36 is a program that when people are convicted of drug possession, they can get three chances to complete rehabilitation and kick their addictions before a judge can send them to prison, according to the Los Angeles Times.

High turnover rates affect schools

Educators in New York as well as across the nation are beginning to rethink their presence in the school system, particularly at the middle school level. As this is happening, there is a major problem being run into; a teaching corps that is now marked by a high turnover rate, with a lack of capability in both school subjects and the adolescent minds.

Sleepovers with the opposite sex: other parents appease

It wasn't like my parents decided the first night after they met my ex-boyfriend that he could come and sleepover like it was no big deal. Instead, we were an "item" for five years and my parent's decided he was able to stay over at my house, in my room, after being serious for about two and a half years.

Golf team showcases freshmen

In the eye's of Tim Harner, the men's golf team captain and a sophomore secondary education major, the outlook of this upcoming season is "looking very good." This season's team will showcase new freshmen who will bring depth to the squad. "If we play to our capability, we are going to be very hard to beat," Harner said.

Interest in math and science falls for female students

"I actually saw an Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirt for girls that read 'I'm no good at math' and was stunned," assistant professor of psychology Dr. Melissa Terlecki said. In many area schools, colleges and universities there has been a decline of interest in the math and science departments among girls.

Men’s lacrosse defeats Hampden-Sydney in overtime

The cold weather brought out fans in their green and white, but they were cheering for the lacrosse men in blue and white as they hosted Hampden-Sydney College at Dixon Field on Saturday, March 17. The Division III No. 13 team in the country, Hampden-Sydney of Virginia, came out to play early as they lit-up the scoreboard with a 3-0 first period lead.

31 athletes named to All-PAC Academic team

For the fall season, 31 Cabrini College athletes have been named to the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference All-Academic team. Three others have been named as Honorable Mention and two earned the Push the Rock award. To earn the All-PAC Academic Award, student-athletes need to meet the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division III eligibility requirements, receive a varsity status within their particular sport and earn a minimum grade point average of 3.

What Grinds My Gears: “Pink” haters

Since it is the last days of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I felt this would be a good time to get in a rant before it would be outdated. As many of my readers know, I am a bartender at my hometown's local firehouse. Talks of the day among the bar-goers can vary from what the wives are making for dinner, how much they paid for their last tank of gas or Obama's latest policies.

What Grinds My Gears: ‘Any Given Sunday’

I was talking to a fellow sports fan this past week (not an Eagles fan) and he said, "Well, you should be happy because your team is playing the Raiders this week." I automatically lashed right back at him and made a cliche remark about the movie "Any Given Sunday.

What Grinds My Gears: Favre the fake

Even though I go to college in a Philadelphia suburb, it doesn't mean that all of my gripes need to be about the "hometown" teams. This week's gripe is much different and it's about a "respected" player that has been around the National Football League for 18 years.

What Grinds My Gears:Early celebrations

Harry Kalas has been out of the sports world and the Phillies sports world, for roughly five and a half months now. I never had the opportunity to have a conversation with him, but I was privileged enough to meet him at "Cabrini Night at the Phillies" my junior year of college.

What Grinds My Gears: Overdramatic ‘fans’

As I was debating on what issue irked me the most this week, my mind wandered to browsing the Internet. As I accessed my Facebook account, I saw that I had one event invitation. Because of this invitation, I chose my topic: Michael Vick's first regular season game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

What Grinds My Gears: Undeserved respect

Being from a small town with no football team and enrolling in a Division III college with no football team, plain and simple, sucks. I always envied the nearby high schools that on every Friday night would bundle up in the "letter" jackets, drive their decorated cars to football games and take part in a live sporting event that has its own unique feel.

What Grinds My Gears: Muffled Celebrations

As I was serving drinks at the local "hosie" in Weatherly this past Sunday, I was all smiles when the score read 17-7 in favor of my Philadelphia Eagles. After a shaky first quarter, things started to look up for the Eagles, as they seemed to get their helmets on straight.

What Grinds My Gears: The new bar in town

The Philadelphia Phillies have actually won a championship since I have been alive. I don't think it has actually hit me yet and most likely won't hit me until the next World Series will be broadcast on national television. With that being said, there is no better feeling for a sports fan than to go to their ballpark, sit in the stands and take it all in.

“What Grinds My Gears”

Iraqi students make transition to U.S. colleges

"My first response was tears," Mike Griffin, a professor of Theology at Holy Cross College in South Bend, In., said when President Brother Richard Gilman agreed to take part in the Iraqi Student Project.


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