Golf team showcases freshmen

By Kasey Minnick
March 29, 2007

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In the eye’s of Tim Harner, the men’s golf team captain and a sophomore secondary education major, the outlook of this upcoming season is “looking very good.”

This season’s team will showcase new freshmen who will bring depth to the squad.

“If we play to our capability, we are going to be very hard to beat,” Harner said.

According to Harner, the team that may cause the biggest difficulty in bringing home a “W” will be against Wesley College.

“They have won the PAC championship I believe seven or eight years in a row,” he said.

But other than that dominant team, Harner and his team still love to play their “cross-street rivals” Eastern University along with fellow Pennsylvania Athletic Conference team Neumann College.

“To be honest, every tournament we go into, we truly want to beat Neumann the most just because they think they are better than every other team,” Harner said.

One “huge” loss Harner thinks will be a detriment to the season is sophomore political science major Mike Dunphy not coming back out for the team.

“He was a really solid player who could kill the ball a mile down the fairway. He was named PAC golfer of the week at one time, and I know if we had him this year, it wouldn’t even be a question that we would be the team to beat in the PAC,” he said.

Not only will golfers look to Harner for support, but guidance will be sought from senior golfers, Matt Paris and Brian Prospero as well. Paris, a history major, and Prospero, an accounting major, make the transition from high school golf to college golf very easy-going.

“When I came onto the team last year, I was nervous. I did not know what to expect, but these two, they show you how to enjoy the game of golf along with just enjoying life. It will be hard to say good-bye to the spirit of the team,” Harner said.

This year’s golf team will take part in 13 tournaments, including the PAC championship.

“That is the weekend that truly matters because the whole season is based on how well you do there. I know we are going to be competitive though and wake-up a lot of peoples’ eyes,” Harner said.

The Cavs lost their first match of the season on March 26 at Swarthmore.

Kasey Minnick

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