What Grinds My Gears: Muffled Celebrations

By Kasey Minnick
September 17, 2009

As I was serving drinks at the local “hosie” in Weatherly this past Sunday, I was all smiles when the score read 17-7 in favor of my Philadelphia Eagles. After a shaky first quarter, things started to look up for the Eagles, as they seemed to get their helmets on straight. After young Desean Jackson ran a punt return into the Carolina end zone for 85 yards, my first “Wahoo” escaped my mouth of the season.

If things couldn’t be going more my way, nearly one minute later, Brent Celek received a nine yard touchdown pass and with an extra point completion, the score escalated to 24-7. But what happened next got me into a fit of rage, which sent me into a rant on the bar-goers.

As Celek caught the pass over the goal line, a whistle was blown and a ruling of unsportsmanlike conduct was called on Desean Jackson for excessive celebration.

The man, just minutes before, ran for 85 yards and now another seven points was added to their score, how couldn’t an athlete be ecstatic?

What was even more annoying, since I missed this particular touchdown, was that a replay was not shown. It’s as if he committed a crime, no pun intended to Michael Vick.

My goodness, fans go to sporting events to see entertainment and that is what these athletes can provide for us. It takes a lot of talent to be in their position, so I would, once in a while, like to see if they have a trick up their jersey in dancing, acting or the humor to get down on one knee and propose to a cheerleader like Chad Johnson.

Well, because of him and a few other “entertainers,” rules were put into place by the National Football League owners in 2006 due to some “out of hand” celebrations that date back to one of the most memorable acts of Joe Horn and the famous cell phone.

According to ESPN.com, at the NFL owner’s meeting in 2006, a vote of 29-3 was cast which gave officials power to penalize a team 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff for excessive celebrations anywhere on the field. “Moves”

Kasey Minnick

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