Wawa vs. Sheetz: don’t just drive past Sheetz, go in and experience it

By Kasey Minnick
April 26, 2007

Meghan Hurley

I come from the “sticks” some people like to say, but I actually come from the Pennsylvania mountains deep in the Poconos.

All around me there are tourist attractions and even more, gas stations for those tourists to “fill up” at.

The gas stations around me include: Texacos, Sunocos, Wawas and the best one yet, Sheetz. Notice the unique “Z” and not the usual “S” that ends every other name.

Down in this area, the Wawas remind me of a little roadside stand that you would stop at for a banana or an apple. I really dislike those people that think that Wawas are the next best thing to sliced bread and do not want to even hear of another place to go and eat.

Don’t get me wrong, you can find me stopping at a Wawa to pickup an iced tea or a coffee and an occasional wrap, but you cannot go in Wawa with the intentions of getting a made-to-order product comparable to those at Sheetz.

If I do get something to eat, I seem to get the same thing over and over because their menu choices, I think, are slim to none.

Geez, you can’t even get a hot wrap off of their menu and even more, my favorite food, a buffalo chicken cheesesteak, is shredded chicken at Sheetz, but I have to get a breast of it at Wawa.

God, talk about sinking your teeth into meat.

Sheetz are all around me. Coming to school in the Philadelphia area was hard just because of not having them in a 15-mile radius of my home.

With their bright, bold, neon lights inside and out, Fizz stations, espresso bar and higher technology order systems that actually feature more menu items, you cannot go wrong.

People bash Sheetz and haven’t even driven past one, let alone walk in one.

Please, I took my roommate to a Sheetz because she was absolutely starving and she loved it. I don’t think I heard her voice for a good 45 minutes as she was “scarfing” down something that was probably not on the Wawa menu.

Even after she was finished, she had the gall to say she still loved Wawa more, but I believe that is just the Philadelphia area’s attitude that nothing can be better than their beloved Wawa’s.

If I knew something was better, I wouldn’t lie to myself.

What I think is even more funny is that I once again took my roommate home with me this past weekend. We were stuck in traffic for close to three hours and she was complaining about how she was so hungry she was going to bite her arm off.

I asked her where she wanted to eat when we get home and before I was even done with my questions, she screamed, “Oh my God, Sheetz!” Now what does that tell you?

There are even Sheetz that I’ve gone to that have counters and tables that you can order at and your food is brought out to you. Now that sounds better to me than ordering some “almost edible” food, paying, then having to wait in a small, busy environment where customers are throwing receipts on the counter and grabbing the wrong sandwich.

Give me a Sheetz any day where you can order, sit and wait in a large, up-to-date atmosphere and your mouth is watering until you leave with your food. We are living in the 21st century and Sheetz lives up to that.

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Kasey Minnick

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