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Graduating editor in chief’s ode to time on Loquitur

When I first came to Cabrini I never would have expected how my life would be by the time I was going to graduate. Meeting with Dr. Zurek, also known as "JZ" and him telling me I was going to have to write for the school newspaper all year was not something I was too happy about.

Clinton takes Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton edged Barack Obama and won the state of Pennsylvania in the Democratic primary held on April 22. Almost a week after the candidates took part in a debate held in Philadelphia, Clinton finished on top, with a double-digit lead. More than 10 million viewers tuned in to listen to Clinton and Obama battle with words in a debate held at the National Constitution Center before the Pennsylvania primary, making it the most watched of the 21 Democratic debates so far this election season.

Editorial: Going green is a Fair Trade in the fight against poverty

Poverty. One little word with one big meaning. Although there are many contributing reasons for poverty, issues such as Fair Trade and going green could ultimately aid in the fight against poverty. A poor farmer in Ecuador will not survive as a businessman or human being if the conditions in which he is working are not sanitary and if he does not make enough money for the crops that he is able to cultivate.

Families involved in ‘mistaken identity’ turn to faith during time of heartbreak

On April 26, 2006, nine Taylor University students and employees worked a banquet about 15 miles away from campus. On their way home from the event, a tractor trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the median and crashed into the school van in which Whitney Cerak and Laura Van Ryn were riding in.

EDITORIAL:Where has all the money gone?

It comes as no surprise that tuition prices are escalating. Everyone who has gone to college, has kids who go to college or if you're in college now, realize the extreme costs just to get ahead in the world today. Question is, however, is it worth it? Furthermore, is the drastic increase in tuition at Cabrini worth attending this college? Looking at the cost of tuition is only part of the total bill by the time you graduate.

Cavs remain undefeated in PAC

The Cabrini women's lacrosse team defeated Cedar Crest College 18-6 on Tuesday, April 1 and gained another "w" in their win column. This win improves the team's record to 5-1 overall and 4-0 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. "It was a great game. Everyone got a chance to get in and play," junior criminology and social justice major Maura Brennan said.

EDITORIAL: Technology takeover

Silicon Valley, who is one of the world's "always on" areas by having more gadgets in their companies than people, recently announced they were going "topless." Meaning, companies in the information technology capital are turning off their laptops, Blackberrys and iPhones in board meetings so they can concentrate on each other.

Too old to run U.S.

We all love our grandpas, they're nice and always have fun with us, especially when we're smaller. We may love hanging out with them and talking with them,but we may not want them to be in charge of us, raising us the way they were raised with old-fashioned beliefs and maybe not as up-to-date with the technology of today as we are.

EDITORIAL: Consequences of serving in Iraq

Recently, 23-year-old male Courtney Lockhart was charged with murdering Auburn University freshman Lauren Burk. He is being charged with capital murder during a kidnapping, capital murder during an attempted rape and capital murder during a robbery. Eighteen-year-old Burk was found shot on a Tuesday night a few miles from campus.

Editorial: Wrong place at the wrong time

Natalee Holloway. Lauren Burk. Eve Carson. They are three names that everyone, especially women, should know. They are three women between the ages of 18 and 22 who died violently and at too young of an age. Almost everyone has heard of Natalee Holloway, the pretty blonde who disappeared in Aruba on her last night of her senior trip.

Women’s basketball falls to Gwynedd

The Cabrini women's basketball team competed in the final Pennsylvania Athletic Conference Championship game against Gwynedd-Mercy on Saturday, Feb. 24. From the second the referee let go of the ball for the tip-off, until the very last foul shot, the Lady Cavaliers battled it out against the Griffins for the opportunity to win the PAC.

What is the most annoying song ever?

Everyone out there, no matter who they are, has one specific song or more then one song, that drives them up a wall. A song or group of songs that annoy them so much that you cannot wait more then a couple seconds to change the radio station or change the channel on TV.

Men’s basketball falls short against Gwynedd 74-73 in season finale

Cabrini men's basketball traveled to Gwynedd, Pa. to take on the Gwynedd-Mercy Griffins on Thursday, Feb. 15. Through unnecessary turnover and unfortunate missed shots, the Griffins dominated the first half against the Cavaliers. Having senior night at home, Gwynedd-Mercy was pumped and more prepared to take on Cabrini.

Annual campus exhibit showcases faculty art

For the next few weeks, faculty members in the fine arts department will be displaying their finest works of art in the annual fine arts faculty art exhibit. The exhibit, which is located on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Library, is a free way for students to take in and enjoy the arts.

Pregnancy brings new beginnings

To most people, turning 21 is one of the biggest milestones of their lives. A lot of times, you'll hear of their interesting and sometimes hilarious occurrences about that specific night. They may say how they drank the night away and how, without their camera and the pictures from the night, they may never have remembered some of the events that occurred throughout the evening.

Break-Ups And Make-Ups

Breakups The Distillers The well known band, The Distillers, recently decided to break up. Having been together since 1998, they were known for hard punk rock on their three released albums. Starter of the band, Brody Dalle, has now started his own band with other former The Distillers member Tony Bradley and have named their new band Spinnerette.


Most college students go through the same hassles day in and day out. Some situations are better then others, especially with roommates, dorm rooms, classes or the cafeteria, but nothing seemed to go right in the life of Michael T. Dolan's character "Walden.

Zune can’t compete with iPod

Microsoft's newly released MP3 player, called "Zune," has not taken off as strongly as the company may have anticipated. Although it's been on the market for a short time, there has hardly been any advertising on it. Microsoft's "Zune" is an MP3 player, which holds 30GB worth of music, pictures and video, incorporates a built-in FM radio, weighs about six ounces and is a little smaller then the biggest video version of the Ipod.

Investigations underway for Reid’s children on arms and narcotic charges

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid's two sons are now under investigation after last week's violations. Garrett Reid, 23, and his brother Britt Reid, 21, were both involved in different car incidents on the same day, but that was only the beginning of the story.

Lady Cavs suffer one point loss

On Thursday, Nov. 30 at 6:00, the women's basketball team battled Chestnut Hill in a physical and challenging game. In the first half the women completely dominated every part of the game, from rebounds, to steals, to finishing their shots and playing intense defense, no one could have imagined the outcome of this game.


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