What is the most annoying song ever?

By Kaitlin Barr
March 8, 2007

Everyone out there, no matter who they are, has one specific song or more then one song, that drives them up a wall. A song or group of songs that annoy them so much that you cannot wait more then a couple seconds to change the radio station or change the channel on TV.

For me, some of the most annoying songs in the world are by the band Sugar Ray. A lot of people love this former band and I used to too. But when I was getting my braces on in sixth grade, the entire Sugar Ray CD played over and over in the office, and ever since I have not been able to hear Mark McGrath’s voice!

Sometimes, all it takes is for the radio to overplay a song for someone to hate it. I used to love Beyonce’s song “Irreplaceable” but now when I hear it, I automatically change the station. It’s ridiculous how much that song is played everyday.

Another thing about annoying songs is that not everyone feels the same way about every song. You could be in a car with four friends and you may despise the song that is currently playing, but the rest of the people you’re with may absolutely love it. Then you’re stuck because you have to listen to it.

There are always going to be new songs that come out to add to your list of the most annoying songs you’ve ever heard. Hopefully when you’re out with people, you’re able to listen to it for just that one time, or maybe if you’re lucky, they won’t like the song either.

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Kaitlin Barr

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