Too old to run U.S.

By Kaitlin Barr
March 27, 2008

We all love our grandpas, they’re nice and always have fun with us, especially when we’re smaller. We may love hanging out with them and talking with them,but we may not want them to be in charge of us, raising us the way they were raised with old-fashioned beliefs and maybe not as up-to-date with the technology of today as we are. You know what another typical trait is of a grandpa? To be old.

John McCain is old enough to be a college-aged kids’ grandpa. If he became the President of the United States, he’d be around the same age as some of our grandpas. Who wants that? Certainly not me.

McCain is 71 right now. By the time he gets into office, he’ll be 72. Sorry, you had your chance a few years ago but didn’t win.

Our generation is going to be extremely important in the next few years, to help figure out how to get this country back on track. We need a younger President who is open to new ideas, not an old man who portrays all of his beliefs about the United States after our current President Bush.

We need something different, and a Democrat is the difference we need. Another Republican will continue to pull the same shaninigans that President Bush is today.

I may love my grandpa to death but I would not want him being the President of the United States – sorry John McCain, you’re not going to win.

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Kaitlin Barr

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