Investigations underway for Reid’s children on arms and narcotic charges

By Kaitlin Barr
February 8, 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid’s two sons are now under investigation after last week’s violations. Garrett Reid, 23, and his brother Britt Reid, 21, were both involved in different car incidents on the same day, but that was only the beginning of the story.

According to authorities, on Tuesday, Jan. 30, Britt Reid was suspected of pointing a gun at another driver during road rage. The man at which Britt pointed the gun at happened to write down his license plate, and after police matched Britt’s physical description with the license plate which was registered to Coach Reid and his wife, they questioned the 21-year-old.

Authorities then obtained a search warrant, and after doing so, according to the Associated Press, they found containers of white powder, eight clear baggies filled with white powder, four white pills, a bottle filled with a leafy green substance as well as a shotgun and a handgun with ammunition.

Later that same day, 23-year-old Garrett Reid’s car was damaged after a collision in Plymouth Meeting Township. According to police, they observed a triple beam scale and the butt of a handgun in Garrett’s SUV. After seeing that, the police further investigated Garrett, and found two used hypodermic needles as well as a knife.

In a statement Garrett gave to police at the time of the accident, he admitted to using heroine earlier that day, was speeding when he hit the other driver and had no idea what color the light was when he sped through.

Justice is to be sought out by the city of Philadelphia and the families harmed by the Reid sons.

Kaitlin Barr

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