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Passion revives faith

Even though I have gone through the steps of being a Catholic, religion has never been an overarching aspect of my life. I went to CCD classes when I was in grade school. The only thing that I really remember about that experience is that we all thought CCD stood for Central City Dump.

Coaches find success in young team

The women's basketball team, although completely made up of freshmen and sophomores, is heading towards the playoffs. Head coach Darlene Hildebran, feels that the season has been a work in progress towards the last three games. The team's young age has put them both at an advantage and disadvantage.

Golf team tees off

Golf coach Tony Verde has found alternatives to outside driving ranges so that the team can still practice during the cold off season. Lack of facilities caused a problem last year when the team had minimal practice time before the season began. This year, however, the team is participating in dry land training, yoga classes and meeting with the sports psychologist.

Creativity at all time low

Hollywood creativity is at an all time low. Everyone out there hopped on the reality TV band wagon years ago and refuses to move on. It seems as though every new show is just a duplicate of an old one with a new name. Either that or it's another season of the same show.

SET construction falling behind [Video]

Construction for the new Science, Education and Technology building is beginning to fall behind schedule due to the winter weather, according to Mike Caranfa, director of planning and construction, and Duane Schock, project superintendent for Turner Construction Company.

Funding process confuses clubs

The 27 clubs and organizations on campus were the guinea pigs of a new funding process established by the Student Activities department and the Student Government Association. In previous years, all of the money available for funding clubs was divided equally among them.

Registrar job a perfect fit

A picture of eight stares you in the face when you enter Camille Tinney's office. Those eight would be her children, seven daughters and one son. Two of her children have already graduated from Cabrini and another two are in the process. Beneath her children's pictures are pictures of her grandchildren, four boys and two girls.

Double majors growing at Cabrini

Think back to freshmen orientation when that purple book circulated its way around the Widener Lecture Hall. Each student took one of the catalogs and became wide eyed as they realized what was going to be expected of them over the next four years. Not only does each student have to fulfill the requirement courses for their major, but also core requirements and electives.

Nerves quelled by the fan love

I am on the dance team and have never experienced a better performance, thanks to the gracious crowd at Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness was something that the dance team has been working towards for the past two months. Our hard work paid off. My nerves were shot all day Saturday.

Old, diseased trees uprooted

Before this semester began, a tree fell on the Upper Gulph Road entrance. There was no real reason why the 150-year-old oak tree fell, but it was obvious that the roots had just given up. The facilities department is hard at work trying to prevent this type of incident from happening again.

It’s a Cinco de Mayo celebration

Cinco de Mayo is more than just a day of drinking Coronas and margaritas. The fifth of May is a national Mexican holiday that commemorates the overthrow of the Mexican monarchy. Most popular in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, Mexican-Americans remember that on the morning of May 5, 1862, 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated the French army of 8,000 at the Battle of Puebla.

Assigned books worth reading

Bookstore receipts are proof that students are spending a lot of time reading for their classes. Of all the books a student reads, which ones were page turners that take the cake as being a book worth reading? One book that makes this list is "The DaVinci Code," by Dan Brown.

Health insurance enrollment down

Of the 1,400 students that are eligible to be enrolled in Cabrini's health plan, only 60 are enrolled this semester. This number has dropped from the 80 students that were enrolled in the fall. Cabrini's health plan costs $713 a semester. This price includes coverage for hospital room and board, physician, surgical, nurse and ambulance expenses as well as the expense of x-rays and diabetes treatment among other things.

Galoshes: fabulous footwear of fashion faux-pa?

From pointy toes to stiletto heels, women's feet have been paying the price in the name of fashion, until now. Galoshes are quickly becoming a popular trend that leaves women striding in style and comfort. Galoshes, also called wellies, are great in the rain and snow.

Lock of love

Last year, 177 donors went to "The Shear Touch" salon in Bryn Mawr to donate their hair to the Locks of Love foundation. With each person donating between four and eight ponytails, "The Shear Touch" sends out packages of hair every month. Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hair pieces to children 18 years and younger who suffer from long term medical hair loss.

Cancer: Not an obstacle for Freese

Jessica Marrella Features Editor "I wasn't shocked that it was cancer. I was shocked that the results weren't what I thought." This is the first thought that came to mind when Jackie Freese, senior English and communication major, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an extremely rare form of bone cancer.

The Dali experience comes to the Philadelphia Art Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has orchestrated the first Salvador Dali exhibition to be seen anywhere since the artist's death in 1989 and the first in the United States in more than 60 years. Philadelphia is the only place in the United States where the exhibition can be seen from Feb.

The Dali experience comes to the Philadelphia Art Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has orchestrated the first Salvador Dali exhibition to be seen anywhere since the artist's death in 1989 and the first in the United States in more than 60 years. Philadelphia is the only place in the United States where the exhibition can be seen from Feb.

All time holiday favorites

With winter break quickly approaching, students and faculty are anticipating their free time to enjoy the holiday. One way to kickoff the holiday spirit is by sitting down in front of the television, cozy under warm blankets to watch Christmas movies. Whether they're oldies but goodies or new releases, everyone has a favorite Christmas flick.

‘Yeah mon, no worries’

I recently flew to Jamaica with my family and boyfriend for my sister's wedding. It was single handedly one of the greatest experiences of my life. In only five short days I began to understand the Jamaican way of life. "Yeah mon, no worries," are words to live by as far as Jamaican's are concerned.


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