Coaches find success in young team

By Jessica Marrella
February 12, 2004

Shawn Rice

The women’s basketball team, although completely made up of freshmen and sophomores, is heading towards the playoffs. Head coach Darlene Hildebran, feels that the season has been a work in progress towards the last three games. The team’s young age has put them both at an advantage and disadvantage.

Hildebrand said that the team’s youth is their best asset. “Because they don’t know what to expect, they go out there and give it their all every time,” Hildebrand said. This can also be their downfall, Hildebrand explained, if they exert too much in the beginning of the game and have nothing left towards the end.

Because there are no juniors or seniors on the team, the season has been a learning process. Not many of the girls can say “been there, done that.” Potentially, in a year or two, the Lady Cavs will have more experience and be composed of both younger and older players.

Because they can’t look up to juniors and seniors, instead the girls look to each other. “There is no certain leader of the team, we all just stick together,” sophomore Jen Wessell said.

Not only do the girls play together, but they also live together. The Lady Cavs all live in the same hallway of New Residence Hall. “Not many teams are as close as we are,” sophomore Hannah Welker said. Even though they are so close outside of basketball, they don’t hold back once they step onto the court. “Being friends doesn’t make us any less competitive,” Welker said.

Currently, the team is 8-3 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. The team beat Cedar Crest College this past Tuesday, Feb. 9 77-22.

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Jessica Marrella

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