Nerves quelled by the fan love

By Jessica Marrella
October 30, 2003

Angelina Wagner

I am on the dance team and have never experienced a better performance, thanks to the gracious crowd at Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness was something that the dance team has been working towards for the past two months. Our hard work paid off.

My nerves were shot all day Saturday. I’ll admit that at our practice that afternoon, I was horrible. By the end of the dance I needed an oxygen tank. Not to mention that at one point in the dance I pretty much tripped over my own feet. Needless to say, no dancer wants to experience that the day of their big performance.

But as midnight got closer, my nervousness turned into excitement. Maybe it was the pixie sticks or maybe it was the roses that our coaches handed out to us. Or perhaps it was dancing to New Kids on the Block behind the bleachers right before we went on. Screaming “shake your ass” on the count of three with my teammates also eased some tension.

I have spent a good portion of my life either cheering or dancing and I am used to being in front of large crowds. I am also used to this routine. It never fails, at some point or another I get nervous. But it’s the little things, like jamming to NKOB, that make me forget about being scared of messing up and just be excited.

Something about Midnight Madness was different from all of my other performances – the crowd! The fans were absolutely amazing. I never saw so much school spirit in one place.

They introduced each dancer by name, year and hometown. There was a steady applause throughout that. I thought that the clapping would stop, but no. During our entire three-and-a-half minute routine the cheering and yelling never died down. I watched a video tape of the dance and you couldn’t even hear the music because the fans were so loud.

I never expected that type of enthusiasm at my high school. Even at competitions, the fans cheer but then they settle down. The fans Saturday night, though, they just never let up. It was so unbelievably encouraging.

So I would just like to say thank you to anyone that was at Midnight Madness. You made my first dancing experience at Cabrini a very memorable one.

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Jessica Marrella

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