Golf team tees off

By Jessica Marrella
February 12, 2004

Golf coach Tony Verde has found alternatives to outside driving ranges so that the team can still practice during the cold off season. Lack of facilities caused a problem last year when the team had minimal practice time before the season began. This year, however, the team is participating in dry land training, yoga classes and meeting with the sports psychologist.

Verde feels that strength training and cardiovascular activity will be very beneficial for the team. “Not many people realize that you need to exercise to play golf because they don’t see it as a real sport,” Verde said. On average, every game of golf includes walking five to six miles with a bag on your back. If the team is not in shape, this can break their concentration and tire them out.

The yoga classes and sports psychologist are to help with the mental aspect of the game. The players will learn how to control their breathing and stay as focused as possible. The yoga classes can also improve flexibility, which is very important for a good swing.

This year’s team has the advantage of working with newly purchased indoor equipment. The new equipment gives the team the opportunity to videotape their swings so that they can see where improvements need to be made.

When the weather is warmer the team will be practicing at their home course, Springford Country Club in Royersford, Pa.

Trying out for the team this year are three of the final six players that participated in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference championship last year. There are also two freshmen trying out for the team that Verde feels “should strengthen the team.” Also, for the first time in the for years that Verde has been coaching, a young lady is also trying out for the team.

The team’s first game is scheduled for Monday, March 29 against Swarthmore College.

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Jessica Marrella

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