Galoshes: fabulous footwear of fashion faux-pa?

By Jessica Marrella
April 7, 2005

Shane Evans

From pointy toes to stiletto heels, women’s feet have been paying the price in the name of fashion, until now. Galoshes are quickly becoming a popular trend that leaves women striding in style and comfort.

Galoshes, also called wellies, are great in the rain and snow. The high rubber boots keep your feet dry when trudging through snow piles or rain puddles to get to class. Since the top of them is oversized it’s easy to tuck pants into them so that they don’t get wet either.

Besides serving as practical rain gear, galoshes are also comfortable; a word rarely used to describe women’s shoes. First of all, they’re flat. Often times you see women performing a balancing act throughout the day as they try to walk on their four-inch heels. A woman can also slide on a pair of wellies with ease since they have a rounded toe. This is a nice alternate to the pointy-toed shoes that are also popular right now.

Wellies also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. From “rubber-ducky yellow” to patterns of flowers or ladybugs, one can find wellies to go with any outfit.

Julie Smith, senior English and communication major, sports her wellies around campus. “They’re fun and easy, just slip them on and they go with anything,” said Smith. Smith wears her two pairs of wellies all the time, not just in bad weather.

Ashley Peterson, freshman graphic design major, doesn’t own a pair and doesn’t see herself ever wearing them that often. “I would wear them in the snow or rain, but not otherwise,” said Peterson.

Although wellies are fashionable and comfortable, they may not impress the guys. “I think that girls wear so much stuff that doesn’t make sense. If I saw a girl wearing bright yellow rubber boots, the rest of her outfit better be amazing,” Matt Simmons, sophomore internet computing major, said.

Wellies are not overly expensive either. They can be found at J Crew for $48, Urban Outfitters for $45 and department stores like Boscov’s for $40.

So are galoshes fabulous footwear? It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

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Jessica Marrella

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