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Boys are back in town

Trick or Treat! What? Not this October? Oops. Halloween may have had the highest turn out of trick or treaters ever last year. However, this fall there is a resurgence of a somewhat familiar fire that brings Philadelphia Sports fans to their feet. Around the Philadelphia area, college students are retiring their Halloween orange and black for those old cobweb infested Flyers jerseys.

Lady Cavs: intense schedule proves to be great challenge

The Cabrini College omen's soccer team makes their return in the month of September looking to capture another Pennsylvania Athletic Conference championship. Very few players returned after the 2004 season due to other commitments and other plans for the year.

Clemens, McNamee face off in court

Roger Clemens faced off against his trainer Brian McNamee in front of the Congressional Board and national television on Feb. 13. The courtroom looked hot, sticky and slimy. The slimy part was Roger Clemens and his trainer Brian McNamee. They were seated at a long table in front of Congress, separated by Senator George Mitchell's information and fact-keeper.

NFL draft showcases two quarterbacks: Russell, Brady

The 2007-2008 National Football League draft is on the horizon, and the depth at quarterback is relatively thin. Question marks are being placed on the teams that need a quarterback. The real question is, do you take Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell? It's important to note the differences between the two brilliances at the helm.

‘The Sopranos’ up for gravely season

As "The Sopranos" season six saga continues, relationships worsen and more people are getting knocked off. It's tough to say who's going to go next, but I think some key things are happening that points the finger toward certain mafia member's potential deaths.

Past events spark Soprano’s new season

The much anticipated return of the hit HBO series "The Sopranos" may have left viewers empty handed. As the final half of season six approaches, viewers may need to brush up on their Sopranos history. As for the recent episode, even though there wasn't too much action, a lot of things happened that may shaped the final season's events.

Bruce Willis stars in the movie ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ as the greatest action hero

Who says that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the last action hero? That movie was crap, and most of you may remember it since it came out in 1993. Schwarzenegger serves as the first of many terrible action heroes if you ask me. If you're reading this newspaper right now, you probably have very little recollection of the 1980s, let alone Christmas time 1988.

’88 Plan’ aids retired NFL players

John Mackey is a former Hall of Fame National Football League athlete. He stomped the gridiron for the Baltimore Colts during the late 1960s and early 1970s. During that time period, padding for protection was minimal to the body. Even though Mackey wore full body protection at the tight-end position, it would be determined years later in his life that his head protection was insufficient.

Women’s indoor track takes second in ECAC

The women's track team took second place in the Eastern College Athletic Conference championships on March 3. According to the ECAC website, "St. Lawrence University's women's indoor track team became the first St. Lawerence track team to capture an ECAC Championship at the 2007 ECAC Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships.

‘Dice-K’ strikes out 3 in Red Sox debut

Daisuke "Dice-K" Matsuzaka struck out three batters in his debut as a Boston Red Sock. The Red Sox signed Matsuzaka for $52 million over six years and paid the Seibu Lions in the Japanese league $51 million only in order to meet with him. In 204 games in the Japanese league, Matsuzaka posted a 108-60 record and delivered a slender 2.

Philadelphia legends inspire

The Liberty Bell. "Wiz with or wiz without?" Independence Hall. The Vet and the Italian market. These are some of the sights and sounds of Philadelphia. Sure, these are all important cultural parts of Philadelphia, but these sights don't make people post death threats, or like one critic of Philadelphia sports said, "If there was a rain out for a Phillies game, the fans would go to the airport and boo planes landing.

College costs surmount inflation rates

The cost of going to college, including Cabrini, has gone up this past year faster than national inflation, which is the bad news recently reported by the College Board. The positive news is that it has gone up at a slower rate than in the past. Recently, the College Board released new data saying that costs at four-year private colleges went up two percent more than inflation.