Boys are back in town

By Jason Radka
September 30, 2005


Trick or Treat! What? Not this October? Oops. Halloween may have had the highest turn out of trick or treaters ever last year. However, this fall there is a resurgence of a somewhat familiar fire that brings Philadelphia Sports fans to their feet. Around the Philadelphia area, college students are retiring their Halloween orange and black for those old cobweb infested Flyers jerseys. It’s true, the zambonies have been turned on, the ice is refinished and Philadelphia is ready for their beloved Flyers to storm back onto the hockey scene with a vengeance.

Indeed the people of Philadelphia are much esteemed about the return of professional hockey. However, the more educated fans around the area very well know that the new faces acquired in the off season are key in bringing back the championship. Newly acquired Peter Forsberg and Derian Hatcher should thrust the Flyers into first place in the Eastern Conference. Peter Forsberg, highly argued to be the best hockey player in the world, is the player most fans are excited about. Closer to the city, fans react to the signing of the “world’s best player.” “I’m most excited to see the new players and the rookies, as well as Forsberg,” says Robert Wiggington, a junior investments and finance major at St. Joseph’s University. “The Flyers are favored to win the eastern conference by 25 points or better, I’m confident they’ll be just fine.”

Numerous transactions around the league have gone down, spreading superstars all over the league. Once familiar enemies such as the New Jersey Devils no longer pose the common threat that would be if there were a 2004-2005 season. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators are going to attempt to dent Philadelphia’s wall of confidence in order to take the cup.

With the new faces and upcoming season, there are extremely high expectations placed on the team to bring home a championship. “Expectations? What do I expect from the Flyers? Nothing short of Lord Stanley’s cup,” David Damiano, a junior English and communication major, confidently said. Damiano believes that Flyers shouldn’t fall any where near short of sheer greatness. It has been argued that Philadelphia has become a football city. However, Damiano begs to differ. “I went to the Eagles home opener last Sunday and it was amazing. The Flyers haven’t played in a year and I’m really excited to see the new players. I’m also psyched to see the old players back in orange and black.”

The Flyers open their season October 5. To the fans, opening day can be compared to a second Christmas or Hanukkah, except their gift is sixty minutes of grueling hip-checking hockey. It’s interesting to see just how excited fans get for the season. “I can’t wait to see the game again, it’s fast, hard hitting, and offensive, it’s a great game,” John Conte, political science major at Urinus College, said. “Hockey is here, and I can’t wait to watch.” Flyers hockey is back, and Philadelphia is ready to bleed orange once again.

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Jason Radka

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