Past events spark Soprano’s new season

By Jason Radka
April 12, 2007


The much anticipated return of the hit HBO series “The Sopranos” may have left viewers empty handed. As the final half of season six approaches, viewers may need to brush up on their Sopranos history. As for the recent episode, even though there wasn’t too much action, a lot of things happened that may shaped the final season’s events.

Let’s backtrack a little. In the final episode of season five, Johnny Sack and Tony meet to settle their differences outside Johnny Sack’s snow-covered New Jersey home. Over the hills, Tony spots the FBI in their striking blue and yellow field jackets. Tony flees and Johnny Sack, unaware of the FBI presence, surrenders.

Now let’s return to this season. What isn’t shown in season five, is that while Tony runs away from the scene, he trips and throws his gun into the snow. During Johnny Sack’s arrest, a neighboring child views the events from a window in his home. That night, he wanders outside to investigate the weapon. The gun was eventually overturned to the Essex county police department.

The new episode opens up with Tony getting arrested not for the gun charge, but for hollow tipped bullets in the gun. “Is this it!” These are the words from Carmela in fear of Tony’s life-ending arrest. Tony looked outside his window to view the sea of Essex cops. Tony was arrested and the case was dropped, but the FBI then picked up the case and added it to the five-year Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act predicate case they are trying to incarcerate Tony Soprano with.

After a quick scare, Tony is ready to celebrate his birthday. Tony and Carmela head up to the Adirondack Mountains to meet with Janice and Bobby Bacala. This is the point in the show where people may have thought something big was going to happen.

Hours of drinking and Monopoly were among the list of things to do at the vacation house. Tony began to make jokes about Janice’s childhood and “things she did under the boardwalk” with other guys. Tony would sarcastically apologize to Bobby, but he would make more cracks, and crack was the word. Bobby in a fit of rage, punched Tony in the face and put him on his ass. Bobby and Tony would fight for a good minute or two, shattering glass and breaking tables. Let’s keep in mind that Bobby gave Tony an automatic rifle for his birthday. Tensions were high the rest of the trip between Tony and Bobby, Tony kept saying if it weren’t for him slipping, Bobby would have lost the fight.

The morning after, Bobby and Janice must have thought Tony was going to act against Bobby because of the fight, but Tony played it off as though nothing was going to happen. As stated earlier in the episode, Bobby has never killed somebody during his servitude to the mafia. That would later change.

Tony and Bobby left the house for longer than a comfortable hour and met with the Canadians on buying pharmaceuticals at a low price. In exchange to bring the price down, Tony was going to have somebody trusted to take care of one of the seller’s sister’s custody problem. He had Bobby “pop his ricot” as Bobby was sent to kill the father of the sister’s child.

Bobby then left the house on a few day trip to make his first kill where he would make a few extremely vital mistakes. Bobby shot the man twice and the bullet entered the laundromat drier, as well as puncturing the man’s skull. The man also ripped Bobby’s shirt. If you could refer back to season one, Christopher has a dream about the Russian he killed in Satriales. The dream explained all the mistakes Chris made about killing him, such as leaving the bullets on the table and the ones in his head. Bobby did the same, as well as leaving the gun on the way out. It was unclear if Bobby had been wearing gloves or not. Bobby may have left DNA evidence from his shirt and fingerprints on the gun.

This concludes the events for the newest episode, but let’s take another walk through time to last season. It was extremely odd that Chris only made a short appearance in the episode. This could be because Tony may know that Christopher is using drugs again. He also is seeing the real-estate agent that Tony turned down but tried to get again. If viewers could remember back when Christopher had an intervention to go through rehab. The next wacking could be Christopher.

Finally, the next few episodes will hopefully be jammed packed with killings and controversy. HBO has a big task to satisfy its Soprano’s audience

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Jason Radka

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