‘The Sopranos’ up for gravely season

By Jason Radka
April 19, 2007


As “The Sopranos” season six saga continues, relationships worsen and more people are getting knocked off. It’s tough to say who’s going to go next, but I think some key things are happening that points the finger toward certain mafia member’s potential deaths.

The recent death of Brooklyn boss Johnny Sack has stirred the North Jersey and New York families. Street boss Phil Leotardo was the likely candidate to step up for Johnny Sack, but Phil fears that his recent cardiac disease may be a detriment to the Brooklyn family growth. A younger Brooklyn captain was up for the job, but an extremely scary scene between Silvio and this character took place in a New York restaurant.

During their dinner, Silvio and the Brooklyn captain were sitting at the table, when all of a sudden, the video cuts out sound and slows down immensely, and blood is splattered all over Silvio’s face. The hair on my body stood up like a porcupine, only to find out the Brooklyn captain was wacked by a masked figure. As the figure runs out, his walk almost resembles that of Christopher.

We also learn that Paulie beats his prostate cancer, and the relationship between Tony and Christopher heads towards the depths of hell. My call, Tony kills Christopher in the next episode, here’s why.

Tony attends another counseling session with Dr. Melfi, and we see a rare moment when Tony breaks down and cries. He thinks that Chris only thinks of him as a big bad bully, just how Tony treated Christopher when they were little kids. At the end of the episode, we see Tony is the godfather for Christopher’s newborn child. As they hug at the alter, we see that Christopher’s face tenses behind Tony’s back, and Tony’s face crumples into almost tears. This is the defining moment of the episode. I think Tony feels he has to do something about Christopher. Carmella also believes that Christopher killed Adreanna earlier in the season.

Here’s what I think about the next episode: Christopher gets wacked by Tony, or Christopher takes over the Brooklyn faction of the mob for Johnny Sack. Tony will endure a possible hit from the Brooklyn mafia, whether it be Phil or somebody else. What is seen at the end of the episode is Paulie digging what seems to be a grave. Excited? You should be.

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Jason Radka

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