Bruce Willis stars in the movie ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ as the greatest action hero

By Jason Radka
April 12, 2007

Who says that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the last action hero? That movie was crap, and most of you may remember it since it came out in 1993. Schwarzenegger serves as the first of many terrible action heroes if you ask me.

If you’re reading this newspaper right now, you probably have very little recollection of the 1980s, let alone Christmas time 1988. You also probably don’t know what it’s like to Die Hard, but New York City cop John McClane has a long obituary list of people that wish they could tell us what it’s like. John McClane is the true last action hero, and I’m here to tell you why Bruce Willis’ character John McClane is the greatest action character ever created.

John McClane’s dialogue boasts a clich

Jason Radka

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