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Let me tell your story. Love everything about the communication field. Passionate about passion. I wish I lived in a romantic comedy. Romance novels consume my time off. Carrie Bradshaw is my idol. Walt Disney quotes make me cry. There is such thing as magic.

Articles by Dominique DiNardo

Keeping privacy personal

Imagine a world where your instagram caption was never of importance.  Making sure everything is perfect for a post or picture doesn’t matter because… Read More

Public safety enforces handicapped parking restrictions

Public safety sent out an email in November explaining the stricter enforcements on handicapped parking.  It has been a pattern that students without handicap… Read More

Dance team to host welcome-back dance

What better way to bring in the semester other than good music, digital lighting, music videos, and dancing? The dance team will be hosting the spring semester's welcome back dance.

Hanging up my tiara: life after the dream

There I was, 18 years-old standing in front of the Walt Disney World Casting team with nothing but my head-shot in hand and my dreams at stake.

Adding new sports are not as easy as students think

Whether an athlete or a fan, making sure your favorite sport is included in your college’s athletic program is crucial. Cabrini offers 16 collegiate sports. However some of them such as baseball, football, and track and field are not included. With college football taking over Saturday sports television and baseball being America’s favorite pastime, many wonder why they are not included in Cabrini athletics.

Guarino sisters help serve up a great season

Women’s volleyball remains undefeated in their conference. Could this record be assisted by the help of a sisterly bond? Kelly and Amy Gaurino both play for the women’s volleyball team. Kelly is a sophomore aspiring to major in business administration. Her older sister, Amy is a senior majoring in early childhood education and special education.

‘As Above So Below’ goes beyond expectations

Review of new thriller, "As Above, So Below."

Athletic staff member plays dual roles on campus

Academics and athletics are two completely different elements of a college. However, some staff members seem to be able to do them both.

Student athletes agree Cabrini keeps it gender equal

Men’s and women’s athletics at Cabrini seem to be equal, according to players. Division III athletes are different than others in higher divisions. They do not get compensated financially for what they achieve and produce athletically. They are expected to be students first and athletes second.

Amanda Byne’s downward spiral reflects the harsh pressures of Hollywood

There you are, sitting in front of your box television, with a tape in your VCR ready to record the newest show on Nickelodeon. Everyone in school was telling you how funny “The Amanda Show” was going to be. You’ve watched the previews all week and you are finally ready to see what this new variety show is all about.

Leadership Department offers post-graduate education to hopeful managers

Throughout the expansion of the Cabrini curriculum, many departments have been adding post-graduate options for students looking to further their education. In a corporate… Read More

Campus ministry hosts 23rd annual SEARCH retreat in the Pochonos

Campus ministry will be holding its 23rd annual SEARCH retreat in the Poconos. The retreat is an opportunity to truly get to understand oneself… Read More

Abc’s Disneyland60 celebration reminds families of park magic

For over 60 years, the magic of Walt Disney’s imagination has found its way into the hearts and homes of many across the globe. … Read More

Homecoming 2015 was a #hashtag hit

[View the story “Homecoming 2015 was a #hashtag hit” on Storify]

Homecoming 2015 photo diary

Cabrini College Homecoming 2015 by Slidely Slideshow Click here to view the entire photo diary taken by Emily Rowan from Homecoming weekend 2015     … Read More

Ireland interests students to study abroad

Students tell about their experience overseas in Ireland this summer.

Campus welcomes the class of 2019

Students from all over the United States moved to Cabrini’s campus last week to pursue their undergraduate education.  The campus welcomed over 400 students… Read More

Do not let society define who you are

Between outfit choice, etiquette, work and partying, double standards exist everywhere. We have all seen them in our daily lives. Double standards can be… Read More

‘Visualize You’ app gives motivation to dieters, students say

It’s that time of year again.  Every treadmill at the gym is full, the line for the salad bar is a little bit longer… Read More

Love story will hit Broadway soundtrack

From neighbors to marriage,  Dr. Michelle Filling-Brown has quite the awe-worthy love story. In an article by Broadway World, Filling told her romantic journey… Read More
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