Keeping privacy personal

By Dominique DiNardo
February 4, 2015

Imagine a world where your instagram caption was never of importance.  Making sure everything is perfect for a post or picture doesn’t matter because no one will see it. Getting likes is a foreign thought and having someone “follow” you is criminal (and creepy). Also, what’s a selfie?

We are living in an era in which personal privacy is an idea of the past.

Couples share an intimate kiss with not only each other, but thousands of “friends.” Those same “friends” are the ones who are criticizing your over-plucked eyebrows in their group message about your recent selfie. Lazy days spent in bed with Netflix, ice cream and wine are now documented. Instagram posts aren’t good unless they have been liked by at least 100 people. Girls no longer need a paycheck to take off their clothes for photographers. Now,in their most vulnerable state, they do it for free and share it online. Nude pictures are shared via snapchat because hey, what can happen in 10 seconds?

Is privacy a thing of the past?

Is posting pictures and receiving likes the only kind of acceptance we can feel?

“To be honest, it makes me feel good about myself,” sophomore Cortney Hanson said when asked about getting a lot of likes on a picture.

“What you’re wearing definitely has something to do with the amount of likes you get,” sophomore Katie Duffy said.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed when girls show cleavage, it gets them a lot more likes than if they were in a sweater,” Hanson said.

Although right now it may seem appropriate to post for likes, the professional world may beg to differ.

“People are so concerned about making themselves look like their lives are so fun, they don’t even realize how much certain pictures could jepordize their careers,” junior Abby Hacker said.

“You should only post pictures that you wouldn’t care if your mom saw it. You want to represent yourself the right way,” junior Ellie Kusturiss said.

With recent hacks on celebrities’ personal photos and constant hacks on identities, students have to take special precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen to them.

“I take precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen. I do not share my passwords with anyone,” junior Jackie Mooney, said.

Even though posting for attention has a negative connotation, good can come from it. Balancing a personal life while maintaining good grades or a a career is difficult.  If employeers see that you can multi-task and are personable it can make you seem like a better candidate for that particular job.

“It’s beneficial. People get to know you, and promoting your job in any way is helpful,” Mooney said.

Share your experiences from studying abroad and helping out at the soup kitchen.  Take pictures with your friend you met across the country and still keep in contact with.  Post your finest work online; it can help you land a great job.

However, maybe think twice before uploading that picture of you passed out in your residence hall.  That may not be your best look.

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Dominique DiNardo

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