‘As Above So Below’ goes beyond expectations

By Dominique DiNardo
November 9, 2014

“As Above So Below” went above any stereotype I had for a horror movie.

In many scary movies, audiences can usually predict the ending before it even begins. Starting with an unrelated opening sequence, followed by terrible acting and finished with a string of deaths according to Darwinism, scary movies usually tend to fit the same mold.  However, “As Above So Below”changed the pace.

This film was about the catacombs of Paris and the spirits of those who are left beneath the French streets.  While this movie wasn’t entirely cover-your-eyes scary, it did let your mind wander.  Sometimes, considering the reality of these intense situations is the scariest of all.

“As Above So Below,” released on Aug. 29,  was a movie that motivated you to think and taught you ancient history in the process.  The main character in this story, Scarlett, played by actress Perdita Weeks,  was highly interested in alchemy.  She was fascinated by the history of mythology and the tales no one ever lived to tell.  Scarlett’s motive was to come in contact with the Philosopher’s Stone, a stone that was thought to heal all wounds. Throughout the movie, she and her team made up of a camera man, a life-long friend and three Parisians familiar with the catacombs made their way through the winding tunnels beneath France. Without giving away too much of the story, the crew finds themselves winding through the depths and facing not only many physical set-backs, but also a distorted mentality.  Their resources fall short due to situations beyond their control.  Will they ever make it out? Or, will they be stuck thousands of feet beneath the earth’s surface with no one but the tortured souls left haunting there?

This movie is considered a low-budget film, as it was shot from a personal perspective with handheld cameras. For costing so little to make it exceeded expectations for horror films by giving a solid plot and flawless acting. Although I really enjoyed it, this movie’s current grossing is at $10.7 million compared to the highest grossing scary movie of all time’s “The Sixth Sense” coming in at a whopping $293.5 million.  “As Above So Below” was an impressive thriller that is perfect for the fall and spooky season.

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Dominique DiNardo

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