Campus welcomes the class of 2019

By Dominique DiNardo
September 9, 2015

The class of 2019 posed for a class photo on their first day on campus. Photo submitted by Danton Moyer.
Graphic designed by Jill Nawoyski

Students from all over the United States moved to Cabrini’s campus last week to pursue their undergraduate education.  The campus welcomed over 400 students to its freshman class.

Tyohanah White, an incoming freshman, is looking forward to joining the Cabrini community. White is excited to begin furthering her career in the theatre industry with hopes that a Cabrini education can get her to where she desires to be.

“I want to get all the knowledge I can,” White said. “So far, I am on the tennis team and I am trying out for the play this upcoming week.”

With Cabrini welcoming its largest class in six years, campus is full of opportunities for incoming students to participate in.  The 29 percent increase from last year has helped institute a tuition freeze assisting all students and their families with their financial needs.

Incoming female students reach heights of 66 percent, while male students are entering at only 34 percent in numbers. Out of these students, a total of 28 are participating in Honors Programs and 49 percent are in Living and Learning Communities.

As for the incoming student’s locations, a large amount are transfers and re-admits while 14 percent will be traveling to campus as commuters. The furthest of these students have ventured from New Orleans, Lousiana, over 1,220 miles and an 18 hour drive, according to Google Maps.

The top majors that the class of 2019 have chosen to pursue their careers in are Business in first, science in second and education in third. Also, about 100 of these students will be working as student athletes.

Dominique DiNardo

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