Leadership Department offers post-graduate education to hopeful managers

By Dominique DiNardo
March 16, 2016

Throughout the expansion of the Cabrini curriculum, many departments have been adding post-graduate options for students looking to further their education.

In a corporate society, after working in an associate-level position, one may feel an inclination to apply for some sort of promotion.  Managerial work is not only helpful as far as income is concerned, but also helps add skill sets and leadership roles and responsibilities that so many professionals let take a backseat since their college years.

The leadership department is working to make sure that those who have graduated have the proper skills to move forward in their line of work.

“Employers are seeking individuals with the skills, vision and temperament to ultimately move into leadership positions, and our program in leadership focuses on both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills that are necessary to help one do this,” Dr. Todd Matthews, associate professor and chair of the department of leadership and organizational development, said.

The college gives students in the workplace as well as hopefuls, an education about leading, but in a Cabrini fashion.

“We take the approach that leaders are not born but made, forged through making hard decisions and implementing plans to make those decisions come to life, all in the pursuit of organizational success,” Matthews said. “Our program is Cabrinian. It emphasizes ethical leadership in the pursuit of social justice, which is infused through all of our courses”

Keeping a social-justice theme is not restricted to undergraduate education at Cabrini. The new doctoral program in organizational development will offer these themes additionally.

“Ethical leadership is a foundation for our new doctoral program in Organizational Development,” Matthews said.

No matter what educational path and major students may go down from a bachelors to a doctorate, Cabrini’s mission will remain true.

“Cabrini College has long championed leadership development, as it is part of our mission,” Matthews said.  “The faculty, staff and administration are of one voice on this, and as most students here clearly desire to make a positive impact on the world, they too benefit from this focus.”

The new doctoral program will motivate students to truly do something extraordinary with their Cabrini education.

“I think all students would benefit, especially as we continue to grow opportunities to engage in service learning and social justice outreach, in addition to more traditional types of leadership activities at work or in campus organizations.”

Dominique DiNardo

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