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Bill passed to provide mental health insurance coverage

Recent bills supporting coverage for those suffering from mental health illnesses and new Web sites providing information for America's youth show that society is making significant strides towards ending the mental health stigma. The ten-year struggle of mental health activists is reaching its end.

Laurel House 5k aims to end abuse

Cabrini students and faculty will be making strides towards ending domestic abuse at the annual Laurel House 5k dash/walk on Sunday, Oct. 26 in Norristown. This marks the second year in which through the Wolfington Center, Cabrini has recruited students and faculty to support the community partner, Laurel House.

Local research yields new medication for illness

People diagnosed with the mental illness schizophrenia can have difficulty performing everyday functions. However, recent research being conducted in Radnor, Pa. by Diana Koziupa of the Penn Foundation is aiming to make significant advancements in the medication used to treat the cognitive factors afflicted by schizophrenia.

Grad school choice for some

The daily grind of school has come back into full swing. For some underclassmen, this is a time of making the grade and taking the required steps towards a career in the visible future. Others are worrying about maintaining a solid GPA, standardized tests, application fees and obtaining letters of recommendation in addition to their jobs and mounting homework.

Summer concerts rock Philadelphia

The semester is nearing its end and summer is approaching faster than ever. As students finish final reports and prepare for final exams, it is a good time to think of some summertime entertainment. What better way to relax, hang out and have fun than going to concerts? The Susquehanna Bank Center, formerly known as the Tweeter Center, and the Electric Factory are two local venues where college students can go.

‘Wake From Yourself’ with Juniper Lane

A combination of indie and mainstream rock with a sense of their own signature sound is the best way to describe Juniper Lane. The band's music has become increasingly popular and widespread through out the years, and their music has recently been featured on the hit MTV show, "The Hills.

Hit shows return to television

The moment loyal television viewers have been waiting for months has finally arrived -- the end of the writers strike. Networks that carry favorites such as "Grey's Anatomy," "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" have either just begun recently airing new episodes or they will be airing them in the near future.

Big girls are beautiful

Since when did deathly skinny actresses and models become the epitome of beauty? What happened to the days when voluptuous sex symbols such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Raquel Welch graced the silver screen and no one uttered a degrading comment about their size 12 physique? There is no doubt that the Hollywood stigma of "thin is in" is being bombarded throughout television, movies and magazines.

Open mic night shows off variety of talents

Cabrini's Cap Board hosted another open mic night on Tuesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. in Grace Hall. The six performers who took the stage played covers from the Beatles, Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Students, parents and friends of the performers all made up the audience.

Bipolar disorder causes misconceptions to arise

"I always knew that there was something wrong with me," Wendy Odyniec said, as she brushed her dark hair back behind her ears and sipped her warm coffee. "A lot of years were spent just thinking I was crazy." Odyniec is just one of the 5.7 millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Alumna Perspective: Cabrini’s important connection to global issues

On Jan. 21, 2017, the day following the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, over one million advocates rallied in Women’s Marches around the world.… Read More

Free donating for worthy cause

countries in need of food simply by moving your mouse. Freerice.com is a Web site designed to promote and instill education while contributing rice to third world countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, Nepal, Bhutan and Maynmar. The Wolfington Center recently created a Free Rice Competition where students competed to donate the most grains of rice.

Mae kicks off tour at Cabrini

As the lights dimmed in the Dixon Center on Friday, April 17, a swarm of screaming fans greeted the headlining band of Campus Activities Planning Board's annual spring concert, Mae. The annual concert is one of CAP Board's main events of the year. Last year's act, All Time Low, was a crowd pleaser, and this year's Mae performance left fans and concert attendees satisfied.

Rope climbin’ Zip line ridin’

Cabrini students experienced the sensation of flying from trees, hanging from ropes and gliding in the sky while dangling 50 feet in the air on Saturday, April 4.

Cabrini goes to class in Paris

Two flights, eight hours of flying, jet-lag and a five-hour time difference from the United States did little to dampen the spirits of the students who eagerly embraced the city of Paris over their spring break as a part of their French Visual Culture class.

Midnight masquerade

Cabrini College's campus was all but silent on Friday, March 20, as the college celebrated its annual formal. Students wearing their best dresses gathered in the Mansion as the DJ kept the night going with various dance favorites. This year's formal theme was midnight masquerade, and although students were asked not to dress in costume, masks were provided for those who wished to wear them.

Federal aid to increase work study

The economic stimulus bill passed by President Obama will not only aid in the creation of jobs for the average working class American, but more college students will reap the benefits of work-study positions.

‘He’s Just Not That Into You’: Between the pages

The new movie "He's Just Not That Into You," based on the book of the same title attempts to provide a healthy dose of reality for women who continue to justify and excuse their man's behavior and cling to that single shred of hope. The book and movie cover a wide range of situations including letting the guy be the first to call and having the guy ask you out.

Norristown homeless seek refuge in shelter

Rows of cots are aligned strategically along the tile-covered concrete floor. A white sheet covers the thin mattresses and one or two throw blankets are neatly folded on the bottom of the makeshift beds, some with child-like stuffed animals placed upon them.

Change necessary in recent tough economic crisis

Americans today are experiencing the gut-wrenching and helpless sensation of losing jobs, seeing food and merchandise prices rise and watching a good portion of their 401K cut in half. The current economic problems have led Americans to wonder how our country will ever come out of these hard times.


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