Midnight masquerade

By Diana Trasatti
March 26, 2009

Megan Pellegrino

Cabrini College’s campus was all but silent on Friday, March 20, as the college celebrated its annual formal.

Students wearing their best dresses gathered in the Mansion as the DJ kept the night going with various dance favorites. This year’s formal theme was midnight masquerade, and although students were asked not to dress in costume, masks were provided for those who wished to wear them.

“I think it was definitely worth it. The Mansion was beautifully decorated, food was good, more than enough drinks, the tent inside was great and I know all of my friends loved it,” Marta Skuza, junior history and political science major and junior class SGA treasurer, said.

Cabrini’s Student Government Association (SGA) holds the formal annually, but there was a slight change this year, with the dance being held on-campus in the Mansion rather than at a rented off-campus location.

This made the price to attend cheaper and more possible economically for students with a price of $25 per ticket, compared to the previous year’s price of $40.

“I really liked the fact that the formal was in the Mansion this year. The building inside is gorgeous and we ended up saving a lot of money because we didn’t have to hire buses so all of it went into the decorations the SGA made,” Skuza said.

There was no sit down dinner at this year’s formal, but an array of appetizers such as shrimp cocktails, mini-crab cakes and pigs in a blanket were provided.

The popular dessert option of the night was the chocolate fondue set, which allowed attendees to dip their choice of strawberries and pineapples into a pool of chocolate.

Guests 21 and older could choose between wine and beer for $4 a cup at the cash bar.

Although a good amount of students enjoyed attending the dance, there were some who opted out of going.

“I originally wanted to go to the formal, but I had work so me and my friends just chilled later that night at Cabrini. I went to the gala last year in the Mansion and had a really good time, though. We’ll see what happens next year,” Bridget Cantwell, junior pre-nursing major, said.

For those that did attend, the dancing came to an end at midnight. Students in a steady flow grabbed their coats and left the Mansion.

Cabrini’s next formal won’t be until next year, but careful planning and preparation by SGA before then will ensure that students atttend a fun and memorable dance.

“I had tons of fun. My boyfriend and all of my friends were there and I’m definitely glad I went. I think the dance floor was the best part. All of us just went and had a great time, we all looked beautiful and thats what the SGA was trying to achieve,” Skuza said.

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Diana Trasatti

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