Big girls are beautiful

By Diana Trasatti
April 3, 2008

MCT Campus

Since when did deathly skinny actresses and models become the epitome of beauty?

What happened to the days when voluptuous sex symbols such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Raquel Welch graced the silver screen and no one uttered a degrading comment about their size 12 physique?

There is no doubt that the Hollywood stigma of “thin is in” is being bombarded throughout television, movies and magazines.

The message that one has to be a size two in order to be attractive, desirable and successful seems to be constantly imprinted into our brains by the media.

The public is taught to believe that the abnormally thin actresses and supermodels are the norm, instead of the exception.

It is disgusting to watch images of stick-thin celebrities like Kiera Knightley, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie on every news outlet. Even worse, these celebrities claim they are average weight and not that skinny at all. What message is this sending to easily influenced teens?

Growing up is hard enough and a lack of self-confidence can be common during the teenage years.

Having it indirectly broadcasted to you that you’re just not skinny enough is a burden that no one should have to carry.

Getting caught up in the skinny hype is easy. I even catch myself counting calories, setting aside time to go to the gym and trying to squeeze in the same size jeans as the newest covergirl.

Movie stars like Kate Winslet and America Ferrera, who actually look natural and healthy, are Hollywood’s true beauties.

These stars are confident in their appearance and refuse to conform to anyone’s standards. These are the role models that should be covered and applauded. It’s a sad society we live in today, when these women do not receive as much recognition as celebrities who have exploited sex tapes and are a size two.

Let’s counter Hollywood’s message.

A female’s beauty and success should not be determined by their waist line. The girls who are kind, confident and their own person radiate the most beauty inside and out.

Girls of all shapes and sizes should be able to walk outside with their head held high, a smile on their face and think, “Damn, I’m beautiful.”

Diana Trasatti

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