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By Diana Trasatti
April 23, 2009

Shannon Keough

There is now a way to donate to countries in need of food simply by moving your mouse. is a Web site designed to promote and instill education while contributing rice to third world countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda, Nepal, Bhutan and Maynmar.

The Wolfington Center recently created a Free Rice Competition where students competed to donate the most grains of rice.

“We wanted an event that people could interact and connect with, and it was a great success,” Shannon Keough, junior English/communication major, said.

Once on the Web site, players can choose to be quizzed on subjects such as art, chemistry, English, geography, math and language.

Each question that is answered correctly allows 10 grains of rice to be donated to one of the countries in need. An icon is presented on the side of the screen so players can keep track of the amount of rice they have helped donate.

“It doesn’t cost anything and it can be a little addicting,” Sr. Christine Baltas, Wolfington Center campus ministry associate, said.

The rice donations are funded by participating sponsors. There are banners located at the bottom of each page that advertises the sponsor. The money that is produced by these banners is used to purchase the rice.

If a question guessed is wrong, then it will come up again until the player gets the answer right. The reinforcement and immediate response to the answers is making this Web site not only a way to aid in hunger, but also a valuable educational tool.

“They don’t have to wait. The rapid response triggers them to stay with the game longer. Anything that is self-motivating and self-correcting will help keep students’ attention,” Colleen Poole, education field supervisor, said.

The Internet and media acts as a large influence on both students and adults. Being able to donate rice through the Internet can also encourage those on the Web site to research the countries that are being sponsored and find other ways to donate to the cause.

Not only is this Web site educating players and donating rice to countries stricken by poverty, but it is also spreading awareness to those who may have been unaware of these issues.

Students are becoming more interested in global matters and putting action behind their desire to help the people whose countries have been inflicted with poverty, war, disease and natural disaster.

Web sites like can serve as a way to spark the interest of students and then allow them to take their concern for these issues further. Proper technology in the classroom allows students instant access to education to these issues.

“There are more current events assignments. Technology resources that are available to students dictate their access to issues. Students are becoming more aware of leaders and world-wide issues,” Poole said.

One of the main reasons this game has become so popular is because of the pure enjoyment obtained by those who play.

“This is really great for people of all ages, high school and college students and adults. I see it as a win win,” Baltas said.

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Diana Trasatti

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